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Qantas to Bar Unvaccinated Travelers From International Flights

When Australia reopens its borders, international travelers flying with Qantas will need to be vaccinated. After outlining its plans last month to restart international flights by December, Australian carrier Qantas announced this week that when it does finally start flying abroad again, only those who are vaccinated will be permitted onboard. “Qantas will have a policy that internationally we’ll only be carrying vaccinated passengers,” Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said during an interview with… ( More...

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Cleffer 22
If you have the vaccination, WHAT ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT???
Delta variant and others can still be caught even if you have been vaccinated. You can also have it and pass it on without knowing. Get the shots!
Colin Seftel 15
So long as there is a significant un-vaccinated population, we have to continue to use passive measures like masks, social distancing and travel restrictions in order to save lives. Aviation will not return to pre-2020 levels while there are international travel restrictions. COVID will not disappear until virtually everyone has been vaccinated. That's how polio and smallpox were eliminated.
Alan Glover -7
No, we don't.

The unvaccinated have made their choice and it is theirs to make.

They do not want your bullying and holier-than-thou bs.

Privacy is a key to liberty.

Shove off.😉
I worry about getting infected and not knowing it, and as a result infecting someone else. It's called common courtesy, something your parents failed to teach you.

It would also be nice to get this pandemic bullshit over and done with, but you tin foil hat types just can't be bothered to do anything but bitch and moan.
Alan Glover -2
That is rich coming from an obvious bitcher and moaner.

My parents taught me that my neighbour's liberty and the privacy inherent in that liberty was paramount.

This is something YOUR parents should have taught you.

The illogic of your beliefs that fuel your fear defys reason.

You have possibly had it, have it or will get it regardless of vax status.

Do you think a flu shot (that I get every year) makes you immune to the flu?

Leave off with the ad hominum attacks and have a little more faith in the reason of your fellow man....or fellow birthing person, whatever the progs are calling themselves these days. 😆
Dr Ben Hen 6
Alan you make an interesting point. I wonder if we should concentrate on antibodies, ie how many people have antibodies out there. I might fell better around someone who has good covid antibodies then someone that has been vaccinated and does not know whether they were able to develop antibodies. i guess if we are really that worried we can stay locked up.
Alan Glover -2
Yes. I'm afraid fear combined with self-righteousness has clouded the reason of many.

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Alan Glover 6
I believe the jury is out on the transmissability but it doesn't matter based on your correct conclusion.

The salient point is that the vaccinated suffer and die on a galactically smaller scale than the unvaccinated.

Anyone pushing the division are Karens,trained marxists or their useful idiots.🙂
Well, if the thought of me being in a cave makes you feel better about being in a crowded bar with a pocket full of roofies, I guess that's what you're going to do.

The reality is I'm worried about my mom getting sick and you're worried about what I'm worried about, so we are even. But blah blah blah should live in a cave blah blah blah CNN blah blah not worried about nothin blah blah blah. Whatever.

P.S. If "do some actual research" isn't the favorite phrase of the uninformed, it has to at least be in the top five... with the other four all being something about CNN. Seriously, what is it with you guys and your obsession with CNN? If you're going to move on from something, make it that. It's not healthy, you know. And by the way Dr. Cool, the available vaccines reduce disease, they don't prevent infection. Like, do some actual research, man.
You are not moving on , you are plugging up the hospitals and overworking the entire health care system . Think about it .
Alan Glover 1
Heart disease and cancer were still number one and two in the death-causing department last year.

Smoking and eating poorly fill up the hospitals. Think about it.
Dr Ben Hen 7
and what are we doing about that... you make another good point
Ashley Grant 7
Yeah, we all remember the widespread reports pre-March 2020 about how hospitals were buckling under the load of caring for smokers and the obese.

Oh, wait, no that wasn't a problem.

But sure, we definitely need to continue to reduce smoking and adopt policies to help reduce obesity and heart disease. That would be a great idea.
Alan Glover 2
We certainly were and have been for a long time here in Canada. Our hospitals are regularly overcrowded. Blame a public only system, not covid.
Philip Lanum 3
In quite a few places hospitals are stopping procedures because Covid-19 patients have filled the ICU's. There have been many stories reported over the last week of people needing emergency services who have died waiting to find a bed.

Covid kills and even if you don't die you just might be killing someone else.

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Ashley Grant 11
"Last stat from Public Health Scotland shows the majority of deaths in hospitals are fully vaccinated patients."

Let's dissect this. And unlike Patrick, I'll cite my source:

Let me quote the report (page 29):

• In the last four weeks, 35.0% of COVID-19 related acute hospital admissions were in
unvaccinated individuals. This is within the context of 91.5% of adults aged 18+ having
had at least one dose of vaccine and vaccinated figures including the elderly and
vulnerable groups.

• From the 29 December 2020 to 08 September, 338 individuals tested positive for
SARS-CoV-2 by PCR more than 14 days after receiving their second dose of COVID19 vaccine and subsequently died with COVID-19 recorded as an underlying or
contributory cause of death. This equates to 0.009% of those who have received two
doses of COVID-19 vaccines.

-- end quote

So NINETY-ONE POINT FIVE PERCENT of adults aged 18+ have received at least one shot in Scotland. So there's NINE TIMES as many people who have at least some protection. Simple numbers tell us that Scotland is at the point where seeing more hospital deaths among vaccinated individuals might be a possibility.

That being said, this report does not corroborate Patrick's claim about deaths, simply that more vaccinated people are being ADMITTED for acute COVID-19 than unvaccinated.

What Patrick ignores is that on page 31. The rate of COVID-19 infections per 100k individuals has consistently been lower than among the non-vaccinated or those with a single dose, and that the relative difference has never been greater than over the last month. Currently, the infection rate for vaccinated folks is around 60 per 100k while it is around 160-170 per 100k for non-vaccinated. 2.5-3x higher.

"Most people who have COVID will have strong antibodies until the end of their life." The scientific evidence has proven this statement to be patently false in the face of the Delta variant.

The virus does not care one iota about your political views. It only cares about how difficult it is to infect you. Vaccination makes this more difficult. Wearing a mask makes it more difficult to transmit the virus.
Alan Glover 1
Vaccination does not make it more difficult. It simply helps greatly if you DO get the virus.
Philip Lanum -1
Astro-Zenica. Not quite as effective as it was thought to be - but it was/is developed in the UK
Ken Endacott 3
Where did you get those figures from?
s s -1
Probably not the version of Pravda you watch.
Alan Glover 3
David Rei 8
Some over-simplified context for the situation in Australia:
Basically the government has indicated international travel will not get back to anything close to normality until 80% of Australians (maybe people over the age of 16, IIRC) have been vaccinated against COVID-19. The airlines are not going to recover financially until that happens.

So it's probably in every Australian airline's best financial interest to do whatever they can do to encourage vaccination, since it seems that's what it will take to get the traveling economy back to normal in Australia. These types of announcements (along with Qantas's incentives for vaccination) are one way for the airline to do that.

That said, the reason it has taken so long to get to higher vaccination rates in Australia (in my opinion) has more to do with government bungling and not really anything to do (so far) with any vaccine hesitancy among the population.
Alan Glover 4
If you watch the news and see how ridiculous the authorities have behaved to their own citizens, you understand completely why there is so much pushback.
Tommy Boy 21
Every airline should do this or be mandated to do this. You don't have to get vaccinated, but you shouldn't be allowed to fly if you choose not to be vaccinated.
David Ehlert 1
What is your opinion on those of us who have had COVID and now have natural immunity..??? I have not seen anything that shows that those of us are a high risk of transmitting COVID let alone being at a higher risk of getting it a 2nd time. Yes, some people have gotten COVID a second time but it is extremely low compared to breakthrough cases for those only vaccin.
zorba1869 6
Opinions are largely irrelevant because they are just that (opinions) and on matters such as this people become opinionated. Here is an article based on medical evidence (not opinion) that may go some way to educate.
Alan Glover -1
You disregard the medical evidence that disagrees with your source.

I hope you aren't convinced that a doctor who is a government bureacrat is any more trustworthy than one who isn't.

They've lied and/or changed their tune so many times that it is understandable that trust in ANY institution has declined.
patrick baker 2
incorrecto sir: you do not have natural immunity, you are not impervious to a breakthrough condition, and scientific consensus says to consider a booster when CDC suggests to, mask and distance, for a devious bug is afoot amongst us all. Your odds of death are less than the unvaxed, but in the end , it is all a bit of a lottery. Smart, informed folks play the odds best in their favor, assuming all unmasked folks they encounter are carriers.
David Ehlert 4
How do you know that I don't have natural immunity..?? Can you point me to a website that says that once you have COVID, that you can continue to get it over and over again..?? So, if there is not natural immunity, how do you get to the "herd immunity" as recommended by the geriatric Dr. Fauci..??

I'm not trying to get into an argument with you but even Dr. Fauci can't even answer a question about natural immunity when asked on September 10th. From an article I read that included his discussion on CNN.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said he does not have a "firm answer" about a study implying that naturally acquired immunity is more effective than vaccines at preventing you from reacquiring COVID-19.

CNN's Sanjay Gupta asked if people who have already recovered from COVID-19 should still be required to get the vaccine.

"I don't have a really firm answer for you on that," he said Thursday on CNN. "I think that is something that we need to sit down and discuss seriously."
Sounds like Dr. Fauci is being quite honest about what he is sure of or unsure of . That's a hell of a lot more than what most whiners are saying .
Alan Glover 0
He's changed his mind too often. Alex Berenson is a netter bet.
Why are you (you David and you collectively) so hung up on Fauci? If you don't trust him or think he's too old, just ignore him. Don't take his advice, and don't hear his advice then do the exact opposite, either. The info is out there, and we don't need Fauci or Gupta or CNN to get it.

From what I understand if you were infected you do have natural immunity, but it's effectiveness tails off over time... It tails off just like the immunity you get from a vaccine. So, if you fought off the infection 8 months ago and I got the shot 8 months ago and if we ignore or assume our risk factors are the same then we are in the exact same covid boat (which appears to be the we-probably-need-a-booster-fairly-soon boat). Immunity is infection resistant, not infection proof.

However, it looks like you might have an advantage that I don't. Google "hybrid immunity", just remember to click links that say NPR or whatever and don't click the links that say fauci or gupta.
Alan Glover 1
They don't carry any more than an infected person.

Stow the fear.
bentwing60 -3
Kool-Aid much?
sailingeric 15
I think the best thing to do is have the knuckle draggers keep making their political statement and drag this on for as long as we can. And better yet, lets bring back small pox and polio while we are at it since it is such as hassle to put on their big boy panties and take an hour out of their day to get a shot.
Yeah but thanks to bill gates the shot turns you into a magnet and makes you think the earth isn't flat.
That's funny, but there are some out there that really believe that stuff.
Philip Lanum 1
This is a Joke:

first panel
Bill Gates bemoans the fact that he was unable to get microchips into the Vaccines.
second panel
Bill gates celebrates he was able to get the microchips into horse dewormer.
You should know.
Tommy Boy 0
OK to fly if you test negative 48 hours before the flight. Antibodies tend to dissipate beyond 90 days post recovery, So it's still best to be vaccinated.
Alan Glover -2

Firstly, nice impression of a marxist.

Secondly, covid does not spread ON the aircraft. Aviation is responsible for its rapid and widespread dispersal around the planet.

Unvaccinated people are less protected but pose little risk to you...unless you are unvaccinated....which is your right....correct?
Err.. it is transmitted by droplets. Airborne transmission in the confined space of an aircraft is the perfect storm. Wear a mask to cut down inadvertent transmission. Get a vaccine to reduce the (often fatal) consequences of this nasty virus.

Or apply for the 2022 Darwin Awards.
braxtron 9
I'd like to see FlightAware stop posting articles related to COVID, or at least disable the comments section, which always ends up being little more than elementary schoolyard bickering and name calling.
Colin Seftel 8
Why? COVID has caused more havoc to the aviation industry than anything in its entire history. Anyone who is part of this industry has very real concerns of how best to deal with it.
ed lang 16
Way to go QANTAS! Hope every airline does this.
mmc7090 6
Political hacks masquerading as medical tecs in lab coats hilarious!
Alan Glover 1
"Medical tecs" are just as likely to be fired for challenging the narrative of their employers and THEIR political masters as "climate scientists" are by theirs.

There are "law professors" attacking people for the colour of their skin.

Do they give you confidence as well?
Torsten Hoff 5
Only 1/3 of Australians are fully vaccinated, one of the lowest rates in the developed world.
John Schryver 13
Certainly a slow start to vaccination in Australia due to poor government decisions, however as at 16 September 44.6% of Australians over 16 are fully vaccinated and just under 70% have had at least one shot. At current vacc rates it is expected that 70% will be fully vaccinated by mid October, and 80% by late November. The Federal Govt has stated vaccinated Australians will be able to travel long haul when the 80% threshold is attained.
Craig Harris 8
They are assuming anyone will even want to travel to Australia anymore, given the tyrants in control of the country. Oh no, one person has tested positive, need to lock everyone down again! Thanks but no thanks.
zorba1869 2
Melodrama seems to be your strong response on this subject, facts not so much, either way you not coming to Australia doesn't seem to be a big loss, you can stay were you are and in lieu talk about the tyrants in your country.
Alan Glover 3
The police and military response to this trial has convinced the world that Oz isn't the place of liberty it once was.
The fact you don't care explains why.
s s 2
Guess you like the police beating people for not wearing a mask? Well, you did start out as a penal colony so it makes sense...
Mark Kortum 2
I lived and worked in Sydney in the early 90s. It was apparent, even back then, that Australia was heading down the path to tyranny. I returned to the good old USA. Sadly we are now following in Australia's footsteps.
Alan Glover -4
Wait a tic. We aren't done yet.

Trump will get another crack at straightening this nonsense out. He was, after all, largely responsible for the rapid development of the vaccines that at the time Harris and Biden said they wouldn't take if Trump was responsible....and now, unlike Trump, they want to force you to take that which they discouraged others from taking less than a year ago.

How stupid does one have to be to listen to one thing a Democrat has to say? 😘
paulwehr 4
So their business model, in a struggling, low-margin industry is to systematically cut out more than half their customer base? Ummmm, where can I short Qantas stock?

Also, what keeps them from using on international flights the same miracle of science that makes transmission impossible on domestic flights?
I wish American commercial aviation companies would adopt that same policy. If you're unvaccinated, you can't fly.
Ro Abreu 3
I have trouble understanding that decision. Reason is people who had Covid are really immune. But vaccinated people are not as the 75% percentage of vaccinated persons in US hospitals with covid according to recent numbers from the CDC shows.
Alan Glover 3
Not only that, vaccinated people (I am one) can not only get sick (although much less seriously), they can pass the virus just like an unvaccinated person.

It is illogical
especially when one considers that aircraft are NOT a breeding ground for viral infection.
Air travel is the culprit in the worldwide aspect of the spread of the disease but it is rare for someone to contract it ON the aircraft.

This is divisive nonsense.
Joao Ponces 3
So Stupid! Being vaccinated does NOT prevent you fro having the virus, much worst to SP:READ it! Ask the Scientists!!!!!! And young children? Cannot fly?
Dan Grelinger 2
I guess we should also throw "All are welcome here" out the window as well.
Interesting how accepting and sensitive we have become to peoples' sexual orientation, transgender/gender fluid, abortion, yet if someone chooses not to get vaccinated, the world considers you barbaric, evil, and basically does not want you to live among society. Pretty backwards thinking if you ask me.
Alan Glover 2
Woke barbarism....the calling card of the sjw scold. The same ones perfectly fine with a racist attack on Larry Elder.
Lois Lettini 2
I have given up trying to convince non-vaccinated people to change their minds. My anger is beginning to dissipate when I hear that these non-vaccinated individuals, who end up in the hospital and sometimes die, are predominantly -- NOT Democrats.
Alan Glover 2
They are often blacks who vote 85-90% Democrat but just like the blacks in Florida Biden is punishing by rationing therapeutics, you eat the racist candy as well as the next dem, don't you? 😉
s s -1
Actually Lois, the majority of people not vaccinated are urban minorities, mostly black minorities, who refuse the shot due to past medical experiments. And most of these black people are predominantly -- NOT Republicans. Then again, you Democrats have always been the party of uncaring racists.
Alan Glover 1
Jon Orton -2
Too true Lois. It's essential that all travellers are kept safe.

As a homosexual, Alan Joyce could do so much more to show his care for international travellers by requiring all homosexuals be tested for HIV before they board and, regardless of status, require them to take a course of anti retrovirals to ensure the safety of their fellow passengers.

Whilst HIV is far harder to catch than the flu, it's far more deadly to the unprotected. The mile high club is a very real phenomenon and everyone deserves to be free of fear.
Alan Glover 4
Dr Ben Hen 2
you make an interesting point here
Deb Taylot 1
And they dont take in to account those who have had covid and have been advised to NOT be jabbed..
That is discrimination
KoolerKT 1
Remember that having the COVID-19 vaccine does not mean you can’t get infected. Hello Keep unvaccinated people from all public events.
Alan Glover 3
You contradicted yourself in two sentences.

If vaccinated people can still spread it, how are you more vulnerable to the unvaccinated than the vaxxed?

You're not.

Go about your business and trust everyone or no one but worry not. The unvaxxed may get sicker than you buy it isn't up to you to tell them what to do.
Alan Glover 2
You contradicted yourself in two sentences.

If vaccinated people can still spread it, how are you more vulnerable to the unvaccinated than the vaxxed?

You're not.

Go about your business and trust everyone or no one but worry not. The unvaxxed may get sicker than you buy it isn't up to you to tell them what to do.
Alan Glover 0
You contradicted yourself in two sentences.

If vaccinated people can still spread it, how are you more vulnerable to the unvaccinated than the vaxxed?

You're not.

Go about your business and trust everyone or no one but worry not. The unvaxxed may get sicker than you buy it isn't up to you to tell them what to do.
Thank you, one and all, for brightening a slow Sunday morning!
This is against the peoples human rights...
Mike Monk -3
This is discrimination!
There are a lot of people who, for whatever reason - medical or otherwise, cannot get vaccinated. I would hope therefore that QANTAS does not resume international flights for quite some time to come.
It is all very well for Alan Joyce (who is obviously able to jump the vaccination queue) but a lot of people have to wait for the process to get to them. Here in Thailand I cannot get vaccinated until May next year. And there is no certainty of my getting vaccinated even then!
When I do finally get vaccinated I think that QANTAS will not be on my list of choice airlines!
Rosemary May -3
So they should unless the person is unable to have the jab for medical reasons. People refusing a jab being anti vax or whatever deserve to be banned and not risk infecting others
Alan Glover -2
The unvaxxed are no more threat to you than the vaxxed.

The same with Jews in 1930s Germany. But someone told you to hate them, so.......
Patrick Wahle -7
15 hours with a face diaper on? No thank you. On top of that I don’t drink Foster.
Mark Kortum 10
From what I can tell Australians do not drink Fosters either. They export it to idiots in the USA who are willing to drink the crap.
s s -8
Correct, the Aussies just eat the horsecrap their government lies to them about to keep everyone locked up and afraid.

Australia = the mushroom people. Kept in the dark and fed horsecrap.
Peter Craddy 3
Most people in Australia don't drink Fosters either - it's the Poms that do.
GS Secrest -9
People think if you are vaccinated you can’t get Covid. My friend who is vaccinated went to the Philippines where EVERYONE in the country is vaccinated, got Covid when she was there. Now how can that happen? Same went with the Politicans who were all vaccinated and all on the same chartered flight and 6 of them came down with Covid. How did that happen since they were around all vaccinated people? You’re not protected people.
David Rei 5
The Sinovac vaccine accounts for more than 50% of all COVID-19 vaccinations administered in the Philippines. I think some breakthrough cases resulting in hospitalization are going to happen with any vaccine, but it seems to be happening a lot more (and with more serious symptoms) for those who received Sinovac.
If you inhale the virus, you're going to have the virus inside you whether you are vaccinated or not, and you will test positive if you've inhaled enough virus particles. But the vaccine should help you be better equipped to fight off the infection, less likely to transmit it to others (due to a shorter infection time and a lower viral load whilst infected), and less likely to wind up in the hospital sucking up health resources from other people who need them for other things.
Ashley Grant 9
Oh hey look everyone! It's another willfully ignorant online commenter! This time they're screen name is GS Secrest.

Let's talk some sense to this person. Hopefully they'll read it!

Making statements like you have made "People think if you are vaccinated you can't get COVID" is like standing around at the end of Super Bowl LI and saying "A 25 point lead in the Super Bowl is insurmountable." You're simply refusing to take a look at the reality of the situation.

The scientific studies that have been conducted since the Delta variant became the primary variant have shown repeatedly that being vaccinated means:

* You are much, much less likely to contract COVID-10 compared to both the unvaccinated as well as folks who have previously contracted and recovered from a COVID-19 infection.

* No vaccine is 100% effective, though. That being said, people who are vaccinated are 60-90% less likely to be hospitalized or die if they experience a "breakthrough" infection.

Basically, the studies show that your statement of "You're not protected" is patently wrong.

Let me ask you, is wearing bulletproof vest and body armor 100% effective against getting killed? Nope. But would you rather walk in to a gunfight wearing it or not?

Getting vaccinated is like putting on a bulletproof vest and body armor. No, you're not 100% immune from getting killed, but the chances are drastically reduced, and getting hit (infected) is vastly less likely to kill or permanently maim you.

Go get vaccinated. The virus doesn't care about your political views.
Alan Glover 0

There is only evidence you are much safer from serious symptoms having taken the vax, NOT that you can't easily get and transmit it.

Your bulletproof vest analogy only works if bullets bounce off the wearer and hit another person, more seriously hurting them statistically if they don't have a vest. But hitting everyone, nonetheless.

So thanks, vest-wearers but I can make up my own mind, thank you very much. You are golden so keep your vests to yourselves.
George Cottay 5
In Philippines fewer that 20% of citizens are fully vaccinated. GS Secrest is spreading false information that causes deaths.
Alan Glover -2
THAT is false.

Everyone has a right to their privacy and opinion. It isn't up to you.
Deb Taylot -1
Would not testing everyone be better considering vaccinated can catch and pass it on still?

On Principle We won't fly Qantas again.


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