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Great shot, thanks! The Vampires are the best!

Written on 24/03/2018 by David Keegan

You may want to re-read them FARs, flight plans are not required for VFR flights with a few exceptions none of which would cover a please flight around Las Vegas. In fact last I checked transponders are not mandatory either but flying with out one will prohibit one from flying in certain protected airspace. There is also no requirement to allow Flightaware, Flightradar or any other commercial tracking service provide tracking for your aircraft.

Written on 24/03/2018 by Timothy McDonnell

I guess this is a V-2500 on an A320-family airplane.

Written on 24/03/2018 by Zhiren Chen

Nice photo. I love the Mad Dog. It appears that N33502 made its last flight to Roswell back in June 2017.

Written on 24/03/2018 by Corey Hlavacek

A pleasure thanks Leon

Written on 24/03/2018 by ian mcdonell

"OUT STANDING ! And a big thank you to the FDNY and the NYPD ! ALL BRAVE !

Written on 23/03/2018 by lawrence bauer

What is a "B-744" ?

Written on 23/03/2018 by lawrence bauer


Written on 23/03/2018 by lawrence bauer

This bird showed up today to help put out the fire in Borger that got very close to our refinery. Great to see it in action. Thank you for showing up and putting out the fire.

Written on 23/03/2018 by Joe Minton

This brings back memories from my time at ZID ARTCC. I flew many times in the cockpit with George when it was "Voyager". We started with DC-6/7's, then went to L-188's and finally to the B707. As I recall, "Voyager" became "Ambassadair" and then ATA was born. Many good times and great memories

Written on 23/03/2018 by Thomas Reed


Written on 23/03/2018 by lawrence bauer

Super paint job !

Written on 23/03/2018 by lawrence bauer

It's a hot rod!! Can't wait until QualityWings Simulations releases their 757 for Prepar3d v4!

Written on 23/03/2018 by Steven Williamson

Very cool livery!

Written on 23/03/2018 by Jack Jouett

@jrqp1 agreed! Great plane, too bad its days are numbered :(

Written on 23/03/2018 by Jack Jouett

Will be in New Braunfels Texas this Saturday.

Written on 23/03/2018 by Larry Horton

Air Force might actually replace these one day but I guess they keep B-52s company.

Written on 23/03/2018 by Larry Horton

Very nice 12R approach at sunset.

Written on 23/03/2018 by FSXBoeing737Pilot

Thank you Gary, I appreciate it!

Written on 23/03/2018 by Sam Combs

Que chulada!!

Written on 23/03/2018 by Luis Davila

O M G not again what a shame this Beechcraft look weird.

Written on 23/03/2018 by andré belleau

This ANA B773 appears to be quite close, but actually it was not as close as it seems. I had to use the maximum reach of my 70-300 in order to get this snap. However, while gazing out the window while as a passenger on a commercial flight, this is the closest I've ever been to another commercial airline paxbird, and I was super excited to have a chance to snap a rare (for me) air-to-air pic.

Written on 23/03/2018 by Gary Schenauer

Best looking of the Boeing pax jets and enjoyed being a ramp agent working these planes.

Written on 23/03/2018 by TWA55

Ultimate bush flying!

Written on 23/03/2018 by Richard Ashley

Best looking plane in the sky. Long live.

Written on 23/03/2018 by jrgp1

First plane I ever rode in! Northwest Airlines from Missoula, MT to Spokane, WA to Portland, OR and ending at Seattle-Tacoma, WA. Local Red Eye. Easter weekend 1963. Return to MSO was on a DC-7 via GEG which I liked better.

Written on 23/03/2018 by Jim Smith

Exceptional quality! This and all your other newest are 5+++ pics.

Written on 23/03/2018 by Gary Schenauer

Busy skies over Boston. 5 * ++ catch, Dave.

Written on 23/03/2018 by Gary Schenauer

Cade & Greg ... Many Thanx for the complis. Cade >> There were some clouds (they can be seen reflected on the engine housing) but they were thin and scattered until we got farther inland so the shots as we took off were indeed quite clear.

Written on 23/03/2018 by Gary Schenauer

Greg & Dave ... (Big smile and Wave) Thanx to both of you. And watch your e/mails over the weekend. (Thumbs up)

Written on 23/03/2018 by Gary Schenauer

To the entire SW team at LAX, I will never be able to express my gratitude to you. As busy as you were, you found some minutes to escort me. You are all wonderful folks! Thank you very, very, very much.

Written on 23/03/2018 by Gary Schenauer

Excellent! A fantastic shot, Gary.

Written on 23/03/2018 by Dave Sheehy

Thank you John. There was a lot going on up there!

Written on 23/03/2018 by Dave Sheehy

Nice !

Written on 23/03/2018 by Donn Avers

Neil Klaptor - The Memphis Belle is scheduled to go on display on May 17, 2018 at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH

Written on 23/03/2018 by lusitan

Peter, Thanks for your input on this.
Unfortunately common way to fly not necessarily means it is the right way of flying, if one has to adhere to the FAA and other rules of flying, suppose to have a flight plan, usage of transponders etc and all the data or information must be logged, not doing so leads to abuse of practice and more!!.

Do you know how many unknown, unidentifiable and rogue helicopters, Cessna and planes flying every is pervasive amount!!..I documented hundreds and multiples of it in the last couple of years alone...!!

Written on 23/03/2018 by RguHeli Hunter

A remarkable aircraft! I saw HB-SIA up close on the ground, André and Bertrand describing the mission, and -SIB as she flew overhead on short final very late at night into KNUQ.

Written on 23/03/2018 by Alan Marcum


Written on 23/03/2018 by Carol Steinbrecher

Thanks John

Written on 23/03/2018 by Brian Buckley

Chris Collinsworth, you are an idiot, you have no cognizance nor you have ability to learn about reality of what is going on today. Targeting is a crime that is ongoing for many years, but it has become a menace after mass surveillance ops been unleashed, it seems like you will never learn and live in your oblivious world!

Written on 23/03/2018 by RguHeli Hunter

Nice catches Brian. Just them also on Flickr !

Written on 23/03/2018 by John Marotta

N22928 was spotted and posted the above pic 2 months ago, by now it is been removed, none of the three tracking site has any data on it, zero data!?. Go figure?

Flight aware says this:
FlightAware couldn't find flight tracking data for N22928!!???

Written on 23/03/2018 by RguHeli Hunter

Why does it have a "TF" designation?

Written on 23/03/2018 by Ted Lindberg

Indeed I have seen that plane at the Red Bull Museum in Salzburg, and they have all the planes he owns.

Written on 23/03/2018 by Rene Lagler

Do you know whose signature is on the front?

Written on 23/03/2018 by Jack Jouett

Basic airplane but a very good picture.

Written on 23/03/2018 by fholbert

@ jthyland. I used in the late 80's as passenger Eastern, and I remember their first A300, called also Whisperliner. Nowhere it was mentioned the Airbus origin of the aircraft.

Written on 23/03/2018 by Patrice LLavador


Written on 23/03/2018 by luisperez008

NINE windows on each side of the flight deck? How much cost, extra weight, maintenance, and poor utility could one engineer design in. If the rest of the plane shows that much absurdity, makes you wonder why we ever worried about losing the cold war.

Written on 23/03/2018 by larrykekst

That was the old saying I remember - the engines turn fuel into noise and smoke, with a bit of thrust as a byproduct.

Written on 23/03/2018 by larrykekst

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