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First glance thought of a baby Antonov.

Written on 21/04/2021 by Diana Rose

1930 Stinson Junior SM-8A N930W

Written on 21/04/2021 by andré belleau

Nelson, the colors and natural lighting are excellent. Very nice. Well done!

Written on 21/04/2021 by iffmode4

FedExNICE * * * * *

Written on 21/04/2021 by warmwynds

Wow this is amazing, great job!

Written on 21/04/2021 by Bob Smith

aqui en panama justo en mi distrito del interior pasan sobre mi casa a 39 o 40,00 pies todos los dias entre 8 y 10 aviones de aeromexico muy bonitos se dirigen a bogota colombia y vieceversa logicamente localizados con mi 1090 MZG

Written on 21/04/2021 by Reginaldo Tejeira

this one is OKAY (compared to the predecessor ) :wink:

Written on 21/04/2021 by a mentor

@Harry, that is ONE GORGEOUS PICTURE! Well done

Written on 21/04/2021 by a mentor

Seems this AC was involved in a mid-air back in the late 2000's.

Written on 21/04/2021 by Tom Glass

Somewhat close. The closest airport to me is Joplin Regional. I am about 85 miles from Tulsa and about 60 from Springfield Missouri. But I do live just south of the 110 air refueling track.

Written on 21/04/2021 by Chris Collinsworth

yeap nevermind what i said i was wrong.

Written on 21/04/2021 by Chris Collinsworth

Awesome Shot Keith!

Written on 21/04/2021 by John Giambone

Oops! And a Stellar Shot!

Written on 21/04/2021 by Diana Rose

Stellar Paint Job !

Written on 21/04/2021 by Diana Rose

Close the gas valves!!!

Written on 21/04/2021 by Diana Rose


Written on 21/04/2021 by parkerlawncare

Fine shot...

Written on 21/04/2021 by Christoff du plessis

A Bear. Didn’t recognize it at that angle, looks much smaller than it is.

Written on 21/04/2021 by Dennis Gallet

UGLY?? Impressive equipment!!

Written on 21/04/2021 by Jeroen Stroes

Chris the 69 is in reference to the FY the contract was awarded to Lockheed by the Pentagon

Written on 20/04/2021 by robin guess

MRF1 is the ICAO type/designator for the Dassault F1.

Written on 20/04/2021 by Keith Miller


Written on 20/04/2021 by Ethan Minnich

Chris, are you near an airport or Victor airway that allows you to capture so many aircraft?

Written on 20/04/2021 by Michael Gower

Great picture. But I don't think 69 is the right start to the tail number. They wasn't made till 1970.

Written on 20/04/2021 by Chris Collinsworth

Neat paint job!

Written on 20/04/2021 by Christos Psarras

hey that's me flying!

Written on 20/04/2021 by Matthew May

rubber?? Looks like RUDDER to me; :giggle:

Written on 20/04/2021 by a mentor

it's in the eyes of the beholder IMO @Jim. MUCHO MACHO. Looks like it could swallow someone whole!

Written on 20/04/2021 by a mentor

A very nice shot. I love it

Written on 20/04/2021 by John moffitt

Outstanding shot, Robin!

Written on 20/04/2021 by Dwight Hartje

Excelent regards from Gilberto from Portugal.

Written on 20/04/2021 by Gilberto Leonardo

I remember them flying over Manhattan in the 50's

Written on 20/04/2021 by Jose Villafane

Why is it that Russian aircraft are so ugly?
Great photo, though!

Written on 20/04/2021 by Jim Quinn

I have been looking for a good spot to photography aircraft arriving on Runway 5 at DSM four a long time. The area is very hilly with few public areas as most of the last in this area is either farmland, construction areas, or airport property. Recently I got a tip from another local spotter of a place and, we went and checked it out. It has great views of aircraft coming into land with minimum obstructions until about 500 feet down the runway. The spot is a parking lot for the headquarters of Electronic Power Products which is a company that makes relay and control panels particularly for wind turbines.

Written on 20/04/2021 by Dwight Hartje

No birds allowed !

Written on 20/04/2021 by William Crooker

Awesome photo Peter!

Written on 20/04/2021 by Tom Heaverlo

Nice looking Cessna

Written on 20/04/2021 by Tom Glass

@ken kemper, thanks! old girl was loud thats for sure!

Written on 20/04/2021 by Colin Carroll

WOW, that is vintage sailplane action! Nice

Written on 20/04/2021 by Tom Glass

Great shot of N640VA, Gary! I saw this aircraft in the Alaska Airlines livery in 2019.

Written on 20/04/2021 by Dwight Hartje

Great shot of this beautiful Delta 752, Gary! According to the registration this would make it a 75X configuration which is the lowest density 757 in the Delta Air Lines fleet typically used for trans-Atlantic flights. It is always a treat to fly one of these and have her come into Reno.

Written on 20/04/2021 by Dwight Hartje

thank you for the comment AB1946 I hope my picture you liked

Written on 20/04/2021 by franklin fernandez

Ex jet of the Ayrton Senna.

Written on 19/04/2021 by Herbert Fabiano Monfre Oliveira

Amazing Picture! Rip Northwest Air

Written on 19/04/2021 by Johnathan Guif

Wow beautiful Bonanza i want two LOL:-)

Written on 19/04/2021 by andré belleau

Nice photo of my plane by who ever took it!

Written on 19/04/2021 by Clifford Babb

Always love it when a Fifty Seven arrives. Currently, only Delta, Fed Ex and UPS bring 757s here but there is a possiblity that another pax carrier will begin using 757s here soon.

Written on 19/04/2021 by Gary Schenauer

Great shot of the third pilot/flight engineer position. "Flying Sideways". FE was a "peach" of an assignment for an enlisted man.

Written on 19/04/2021 by iffmode4

Nice shot, Gary!

Written on 19/04/2021 by Joseph Immermann

This is a stretched version, CV-5800, 16 feet or so longer than the -580. According to Wikipedia, six frames were converted from ex-military Convairs.

Written on 19/04/2021 by Peter Fuller

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