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I saw this bird flying in while I was driving on the freeway.

I wish I’d been plane spotting instead of driving. I’d have loved to have caught it on video!!!

Written on 31/05/2020 by Dawn Fifer

I think planes are further apart than they look in this photo< but too close for comfort< nonetheless!

Written on 31/05/2020 by Charlotte Demarco

I have several hours in those beauties, a real pleasure to fly!

Written on 31/05/2020 by Xavier227

@ Gavin thank for the motivation !!

Written on 31/05/2020 by daniel jef

Converted to cargo!

Written on 31/05/2020 by adelma

Excellent picture - Eddie Rickenbacker's first plane!

Written on 31/05/2020 by adelma

A fine salute to all the veterans buried at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery . . .

Written on 31/05/2020 by adelma

Beautiful picture. Now, will all the termites please hold hands?

Written on 31/05/2020 by adelma

World class weather photo! Amazing composition, depth of field, and color! Wow!

Written on 30/05/2020 by BigAlOutWest

That's exactly I felt. The truth is it was very foggy morning in Los Angeles on the day of this photo
being taken.

Written on 30/05/2020 by goodluck747400

Thanks Gavin! This is a composition merging a series of 3 images. Definitively not during Covid time.

Written on 30/05/2020 by Bartolomeo Gorgoglione

Great aspect Daniel.

Written on 30/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Up on full screen, all you need is sound. Awesome.

Written on 30/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Great pic and it shows freighters can be clean.

Written on 30/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Awesome picture, but man that needs a clean.

Written on 30/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Enjoy your different aspect photos Bartolomeo and this one is a great 'busy' picture.

Written on 30/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

The Red Bull hangers in the background.

Written on 30/05/2020 by Robert Ferguson

EMB110 Bandeirante turboprop cockpit. No autopilot. No flight director. No flight management system. Just mental arithmetic. This shot even captures the extensive overhead panel.

Written on 30/05/2020 by CHRIS ROBEY

love the new livery

Written on 30/05/2020 by anthony geinopolos

Dr. Phil's aircraft.

Written on 30/05/2020 by JCHaggen

Yes a few hours in one of these "NO SPIN" sweeties! My dad left the lock on the sliding canopy once and wanted to open it so I could reach out and retrieve it! Well, being young and stupid I was to afraid to open it for I thought I would fall out. Wow, how time flies by. That must have been some45-50 years ago!

Written on 30/05/2020 by Jesse Carroll

N444X is a V-Tail (BE35) Beech Bonanza. NOT a Cessna Skylane! The picture is not of a Skylane and the picture clearly is for a different plane. (N444FX)

Written on 30/05/2020 by Mark Cheavens

Wow... I never think I would see a dog in an airplane! Anyway, Cool picture you got there!

Written on 30/05/2020 by Sonic plus

I learned to fly at Springbank back in 1970, and boy, have things changed a LOT since then !

Written on 30/05/2020 by John Semenec

Beautiful bird, beautiful countryside!

Written on 30/05/2020 by David Seider

What fun! Congrats, Steve!

Written on 30/05/2020 by David Seider

I think that sitka spruce was used for the main spar.

Written on 30/05/2020 by Peter Sayers

Very Nice
Such improvements over previous aircraft were incorporated into B-29’s .

Written on 30/05/2020 by Hank Titone

Good to see the pilots were at least social distancing!

Written on 30/05/2020 by Tim Doran

Thank you Dwight!

Written on 30/05/2020 by Brian Carlin

Okay, thanks Stuart! I was in Anchorage briefly last July. I'll try to get further north up to Fairbanks next time. Who knows when that might be...

Written on 29/05/2020 by CHRIS ROBEY

Thanks Gavin - Unfortunately I didn't know it was coming until it had arrived, but still great to capture such a rare movement.

Written on 29/05/2020 by Caleb Hotz

Is this called a ghost flight? Looks like something out of the movie "Airplane" in the opening credit's.

Written on 29/05/2020 by Loren Wood

The US Navy fly over in support of COVAD 19 1st responders. NASA / JSC May 6th 2020

Written on 29/05/2020 by Tim Laird

This is the departure of the 4th once weekly SIA cargo only flight into and out of Adelaide but this shot shouldn't have happened.

The wind was 8 knots from slightly west of north normally dictating runway 05 ops. A Fokker 50 had landed just minutes before this on 05 and group had gathered for the A359 departure expecting a 05 take-off.

The jet pushed back, tail to the north-east as expected but when it entered the taxiway it turned for runway 23 instead of going down to 05. All of us got stranded in the wrong place and the best shots were only ground shots.

Written on 29/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

They say you can choose your friends but not your family. Well that can apply to aviation photography, where you can choose your location but you can't choose the rotation spot and in this case it just had to be with a tree between the plane and me!

This is the departure of the MASKargo flight that had arrived less than two hours before and in the meantime, the wind direction had changed making the duty runway 05 from 23 when it landed.

This is more favorable by not having to go to the opposite side of the airport, but with a relatively short take-off run, the rotation was far back enough to still be caught with some heat haze and that tree being in the way.

Written on 29/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

I'd intended going out to get some practice with two new lenses and hadn't noticed this on FA arrivals until after I'd printed the list (which these days isn't very long!) so it was a nice surprise.

I was told there had been another MASKargo flight a couple of weeks earlier but it had been at night so maybe MAS are doing semi-regular flights here but that's only speculation.

For those who like to know...this was at 0900, and as you can see, the weather wasn't bright, plus this was about 3/4 mile from my photo spot. Taken on a Nikon D7500 with a Sigma 100-400 mm lens @ 400 mm.

Written on 29/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Those planes were fun to fly on.

Written on 29/05/2020 by Mike Boote

Look at all that social un-distancing.

Written on 29/05/2020 by cverbil

Super shot of one of the true masterpieces of design and engineering.

For Frank Theriault, De Havilland designed another similar looking fighter, the DH103 Hornet which was based on the Mosquito and using techniques learned from the Mosquito. The story on Wikipedia is worth a read.

Written on 29/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Mike and Brian...This particular aircraft did crash and was destroyed November 27, 2008.

What I didn't realise when I made my comment was that ANZ had (at least) another one, ZK-OJO, which was the one that visited here in '07. I got pics of the 'other' side of OJO and the livery was the same as this one.

By 2015, OJO was in the white with blue tail ANZ livery and by 2018, in the new white/black livery.

Written on 29/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes


Written on 29/05/2020 by STEPHEN FURTAK

Thank you John.

Written on 29/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Look at all that altitude - and he hasn't even started to retract the gear!
Geesh! What is this world coming to???

just kidding, everyone.

Terrific shot!

Written on 29/05/2020 by David Seider

I hear what you're saying!

Written on 29/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Thanks Darryl. We don't normally get Lion aircraft here so it was a rare moment for us. The best we got was Lion subsidiary, Malindo using B738s. Hopefully one day, they'll be back.

Written on 29/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

Great stuff Caleb - you're a lucky man to have such visitors AND to know about them coming/going.

Written on 29/05/2020 by Gavin Hughes

A stunning photo of a beautiful plane. Thank you Todd for sharing.

Written on 29/05/2020 by Nicholas Green

A nice shot of the ultra-rare P-51H.

Written on 29/05/2020 by jim gevay


Written on 29/05/2020 by Brian Buckley


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