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Great pic and fun livery. Last year the Giants plane was N855VA which, on 8 Jan 2023, flew commercial flights from SEA to/from LAX and ONT. The last was LAX to SEA, arriving 9:20pm. The next morning, 9 Jan, SEA to VCV. Victorville, CA. The desert.

Written on 03/31/2023 by Steve Tarr

Showing off new design on tail.

Written on 03/31/2023 by David Minter

Nice shot! I had the privilege of meeting this bird in person. They were kind of touchy about pictures and cockpit tours, so this really caught my eye this morning. Thanks.

Written on 03/31/2023 by Mike Couves

Dallas Mavericks

Written on 03/31/2023 by rcowen

As a kid growing up a few miles away from JFK Airport, (Idlewild back then). There was not a more beautiful aircraft in the sky than a Connie with TWA markings.

Written on 03/31/2023 by Robert Kap


Written on 03/31/2023 by STEVEN FIELD

Hard on the eyes color scheme. Their original pre-2017 color scheme was far far better. Perhaps not "yah-hoo" enough for a ULCC player though. Some rough times for them recently as they attempt to rapidly grow.

Written on 03/31/2023 by Dan Chiasson

excellent restoration. My all time favorite!

Written on 03/31/2023 by capcmdr

Wow! There's an aircraft you don't often see. Great history, thank you for sharing all that.

Written on 03/31/2023 by frank theriault

How could anyone not vote 5 stars on this? SMH

Written on 03/31/2023 by frank theriault

Such a distinctive aircraft. You know immediately it's a Dash. And what a great photo! The angle, the light, the spinning props - it's about perfect!

Written on 03/31/2023 by frank theriault

Very unique angle and the sunlight reflection on the props is outstanding. Thank you for the creation of a beautiful shot!!

Written on 03/31/2023 by RandolphDelong

Might this be the back story.

Written on 03/31/2023 by Michael Corcoran

Turned out really well

Written on 03/31/2023 by Christoff du plessis


Written on 03/31/2023 by Gianni Furiosi

good capture

Written on 03/30/2023 by Don Ridgeway

Somebody screwed up some paperwork along the way, because it's not a G-111 and it's also not an HU-16B. The serial number proves it (and BTW that's not really its 'correct' serial number either.) It was built originally as a model UF-2 (a long-wing variant) for a US Navy contract for Germany. Post-1962, the UF-2 became an HU-16D. The HU-16B was the long-wing conversion of aircraft built originally with short wings (80 ft. span) for the US Air Force. 146427 is its assigned USN Bu. Aer. serial (aka "Bu.) number, but it's proper "builder's" serial aka construction no. (per 14 CFR 45.13a) is G-445 (out of 464 production aircraft.)

Written on 03/30/2023 by Dave Marion

I've never seen a Cessna Skyhawk pimped out like this!

Written on 03/30/2023 by Vaughn Blue Jr

MMTO Airport Mexico

Written on 03/30/2023 by Gavin Merten

Nice looking 150

Written on 03/30/2023 by Tom Glass


Written on 03/30/2023 by Lewis Tripp

The view of Concourse B Terminal One at ORD on a pleasant day departing from C-5 Terminal One.

Written on 03/30/2023 by John Gerty

Full flaps, reversers on !

Written on 03/30/2023 by Paul Claxon

Good photo, Thank you

Written on 03/30/2023 by Alan Brown

Is that a Jetstar in the foreground? Where is this? Looks like fun!

Written on 03/30/2023 by Tom Glass

Great Shot Nick!

Written on 03/30/2023 by Alex Gregerson

Quatar????????? seaplane?

Written on 03/30/2023 by serge LOTH

These Gulstreams are really pretty..

Written on 03/30/2023 by serge LOTH

Funny picture...

Written on 03/30/2023 by serge LOTH

Paul, the registration number does belong to the Pilatus PC-12 pictured above, not a Piper Navajo

Written on 03/29/2023 by de17walt

Mojo's new plane is N44ZP. That looks like ZF to me!

Written on 03/29/2023 by John Muir

Written on 03/29/2023 by davewade

B2OSH formation flight, headed to 2022 AirVenture

Written on 03/29/2023 by Michael Sigillito

A grass strip, a clear sky, the long shadows of a summer's evening, and a taildragger. My idea of heaven

Written on 03/29/2023 by Rick D

Thank you.

Written on 03/29/2023 by 太田 知明

what is behind the airplane

Written on 03/29/2023 by Gage Cahill

Based on the number on the tail that’s Blue Angel #1. Here she is during better days:

Written on 03/28/2023 by Torsten Hoff

What's funny is that their other aircraft are all in good condition but their gate guard is abysmal. I'll be editing more photos of this bird soon. Also, info updated

Written on 03/28/2023 by ginervra

This Museum could use some aircraft maintainers. Somebody help that Scooter!

Written on 03/28/2023 by Dave Sheehy

Way cool beans!!!

Written on 03/28/2023 by Diana Rose

That's not a McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom 2, that's a Douglas A-4 Skyhawk.

Written on 03/28/2023 by Torsten Hoff


Written on 03/28/2023 by Richard Kairalla

Ah. Nice to know what this is. It had no titles and the livery looks very similar to LVSC

Written on 03/28/2023 by Owen Murray

Nice shot Owen. Nic, yes, this is Dallas Mavericks aircraft. Operated by MLW Aviation.

Written on 03/28/2023 by John Giambone

WoW!! what a beautiful queen

Written on 03/28/2023 by Udew Deesara

Meeting of the taildrager fraction.

Written on 03/28/2023 by Carl-Otto Jaeschke


Written on 03/27/2023 by parkerlawncare

Nice one

Written on 03/27/2023 by parkerlawncare

N504B low pass over Minerva (OH15)

Written on 03/27/2023 by Daun Yeagley

Isnt that the Dallas Mavericks plane?

Written on 03/27/2023 by Nic Peterson


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