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Two more guys that fly for free and get paid for waiting

Written on 27/10/2021 by arthur683

Nice shot from Cairns of the 4 engined Rolls Royce Dart cargo workhorse with a 25,000 pound payload.

Written on 27/10/2021 by CHRIS ROBEY

Correction " bad picture "
mardi 2021-oct.-26 20:16 EDT -> " YUL -> NCE "
Durée totale du trajet de 6h 55m ( not with Beechcraft Baron (58) )
But with Bombardier Global 5000 (biréacteur) (GL5T) possible ! -> BD-700-1A11
Base of Operations: DORVAL, Quebec, CANADA
Owner Registered Since: -> 2021-10-12
Registered Owner Information : Aviation Starlink Inc. Dorval QC Canada

Written on 27/10/2021 by Dominique Desilets

From behind the dark of the moon comes the tragic sound for our enemies that you are about to meet the devil!

Written on 26/10/2021 by Jesse Carroll

I was just thinking about this bird this morning. This is an ex ATA machine. Comlux at IND did the interior. She is a beauty!

Written on 26/10/2021 by John Giambone

WOW!! This is amazing!!

Written on 26/10/2021 by Jaison Pajaro

Same paint scheme as mine! Looks great!

Written on 26/10/2021 by Jaison Pajaro

Same paint scheme as mine! Looks great!

Written on 26/10/2021 by Jaison Pajaro

Same paint scheme as mine! Looks great!

Written on 26/10/2021 by Jaison Pajaro

James, did you mention what you observed to the ground crew? Or just go home and worry about it?

Written on 26/10/2021 by Chris Croft

Love this airport! This airplane looks exactly like mine!

Written on 26/10/2021 by Jaison Pajaro

To infinity and beyond...

Written on 26/10/2021 by John Tuzi

New tail code?

Written on 26/10/2021 by dingo65

and that water is COLD...

Written on 26/10/2021 by Ken Lane

Stuffing a B737 cockpit into a Piper Malibu.... Well, can't say I'm not impressed. Still can't fit a Dalek in the luggage bin without disassembling it, and they get all cranky about that.

Written on 26/10/2021 by thegrump

That's a good picture, what altitude was it at? What camera do you use?

Written on 26/10/2021 by ColoradoPlanespotter

Several years ago, the BA were coming to TCL. Went out to the airport where an advance pilot came for publicity photos. We were allowed to walk around the parked F-18 & happened to notice how worn the tread was on one of the main landing gear.

Written on 26/10/2021 by James Simms

I loved the MD-11. Sorry to see it sunset.

Written on 25/10/2021 by Mike Boote

this is the same plane involved in the flight 867 incident over alaska

Written on 25/10/2021 by NORAD P

Way to post something you clearly didn't take

Written on 25/10/2021 by jdogsome

Thanks Greg! I'm still trying to catch one flying through the moon.

Written on 25/10/2021 by Richard Grinder

Extraordinary Mriya!

Written on 25/10/2021 by Jorgiane Kaminski

Fantastic shot!!

Written on 25/10/2021 by Jorgiane Kaminski

Mow, that's an airplane!

Written on 25/10/2021 by James Driskell

Bye,fantastic MD-11! We'll miss you!

Written on 25/10/2021 by Jorgiane Kaminski

Thank you @Greg! that's the first full explanation I've seen on the subject

Written on 25/10/2021 by a mentor

Nice shot.

Written on 25/10/2021 by Matt Hoyle

Very cool shot, Richard!

Written on 25/10/2021 by Greg Byington

That is my old Staggerwing. I rebuilt the aircraft in the 1970's, and sold it. I had heard that it had ended up in South America. It still looks good. It was NC19466 in the US.

Written on 25/10/2021 by Malcolm Soare

Very nice!

Written on 25/10/2021 by Richard Grinder

Great photo!!

Written on 25/10/2021 by Alan Brown

Good Shot!

Written on 24/10/2021 by michael little

The Queen making it look easy! Nice shot!

Written on 24/10/2021 by user3956

Really nice shot!

Written on 24/10/2021 by user3956

Nice pic!

Written on 24/10/2021 by user3956

Looks dope in gloss

Written on 24/10/2021 by user3956

Thanks, @a mentor. You are correct that with the CORS type code FA will display the aircraft as a VOUGHT-SIKORSKY V-166 Corsair. Quoting from Wikipedia, "In June 1938, the U.S. Navy signed a contract with Vought for a prototype bearing the factory designation V-166B,[13] the XF4U-1, BuNo 1443." However, the only ICAO Aircraft Type Code that I can find for ANY Corsair is: CORS. If you want FA to recognize it as a Corsair - any Corsair - you need to enter that code. (Unless someone knows another code that will work.) Then you can always be more specific as to the actual variant in the caption to the picture. There has been, and continues to be, a lot of frustration with FA as to the nomenclature FA uses for various ICAO codes. It rarely reflects the specific aircraft being displayed. It seems that ICAO does not usually come up with a new type code for each variant of one aircraft type, especially older aircraft types like the Corsair. (I know there are exceptions such as some airliners, e.g. B734, B735, etc.) So, generally, there is one code for one aircraft type. And in this case the V-166 was the very first of a long line of Corsair variants, so at least it makes some sense. Thanks, again. And keep up the good work, Hawk!

Written on 24/10/2021 by Greg Byington

So, it actually had 6 engines? Take-off? Cruise? or all the time?

Written on 24/10/2021 by jmonroe

2021-OCT-24 C-GMRN -> Robinson R66 2021
Base of Operations: -> Ottawa ON Canada

Owner Registered Since: -> 2021-07-13
Owner -> Divine Supercars Inc. Ottwa ON

Written on 24/10/2021 by Dominique Desilets

GREAT shot!

Written on 24/10/2021 by Jack White

This is clearly an F-18E. The photoshop charge was made by someone who is obviously not at true plane spotter. Pay attention to the details!

Written on 24/10/2021 by Rickh52

Jean-Yves: the backgrounds of the photos you linked are very obviously different from Patrick's photo as well as each other. Additionally, Patrick's photo is of a F/A-18E Super Hornet, first flown in the 2020 season. The photos linked are clearly of the older F/A-18A. Is it surprising that others have photographed this part of the routine in previous years?

Written on 24/10/2021 by justinwk

Thanks for all the comments.
This picture was take from an Helicopter .
In La you can fly a tour over LAX...
Once again, thank you all

Written on 24/10/2021 by Paul Lehmann

Thanks guys. There were 6 of the Beech's practicing formation flying over the weekend of 11/13/2020.

Written on 24/10/2021 by Richard Grinder

Those are TF-33 fans

Written on 24/10/2021 by Jeff Grindstaff

The FG-1D, built by Goodyear, is powered by a P&W R-2800 engine. The F2G-1 & -2 was powered by a P&W R-4360 engine, and this variant was the 'Super Corsair'. I sadly saw an F2G crash at the 1994 Phoenix Air Races - pilot got out OK.

Written on 24/10/2021 by adelma


Written on 23/10/2021 by 思喆 王


Written on 23/10/2021 by 思喆 王


Written on 23/10/2021 by 思喆 王


Written on 23/10/2021 by 思喆 王


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