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Dig that crazy paint job!!

Written on 04/19/2024 by Steven H Wilcox

The Colt was a two seat TriPacer without flaps and did not have a window behind the door.
Built in the 1961-62 era as a stop gap trainer until the Cherokee production got sorted out.

Written on 04/19/2024 by JOEL MCCOY

In another significant news of the glorious Boeing 757, after four years of hibernation in Victorville (VCV, since March 25, 2020) Deltas's N709TW finally departed last wednesday April 17, 2024 from VCV due to QRO (Queretaro, Mexico) for maintenance and probably return to service. Have not read of another commercial airliner that was this long in COVID hibernation so until I am corrected, N709TW holds the "Commercial Airliner COVID Hibernation Record".

Written on 04/19/2024 by Jose R Gonzalez

Long live the warthog and the 757. Best of the bets.

Written on 04/19/2024 by Jose R Gonzalez

Correct tail number for this aircraft is N168GC, not N68GC

Written on 04/19/2024 by Brad Smith


Written on 04/19/2024 by Aaron Headly

Burner selected, (note the 1st 2 stages) speed brakes deployed or in transition. Interesting.

Written on 04/19/2024 by Joe Wood

Nice, @Gerald Koerner

Written on 04/19/2024 by hal pushpak

It's a TBM-700, type code TBM7 (see activity log below)

Written on 04/19/2024 by Samuel Bixler

The consensus of other sources is that HZ-AK25 is a 777-300ER, making the correct type code B77W

Written on 04/19/2024 by Samuel Bixler

What is that?

Written on 04/19/2024 by john cook

Two of my favorite's

Written on 04/19/2024 by john cook

Beautiful History. No further words needed!

Written on 04/19/2024 by Wayne Baker

Verstapen X Sargeant
5* photo

Written on 04/19/2024 by renato basso


Written on 04/19/2024 by Tomás Del Coro

Piper Colt?

Written on 04/19/2024 by WD Rseven


Written on 04/19/2024 by Doug Cook

Each pilot is looking at the other plane thinking , "Damn, I wish I could fly that one!".

Written on 04/19/2024 by Donn Avers

I have tons of hours teaching and flying in Cherokees. Particularly loved the Warriorll, and the Archerll.

Written on 04/19/2024 by themold

Antenna, Tony

Written on 04/19/2024 by dicky11

That's a very nice photo, Manuel! Try using CL2T as the aircraft type code. That is the ICAO Aircraft Type Designator for a CL-215T.

Written on 04/19/2024 by Greg Byington

Not a Cherokee as most would know but a PA-22 Tri-Pacer

Written on 04/19/2024 by Alan Macdonald

Echoing a comment below. Would the Wright brothers ever have envisioned this type of capability? Perhaps but they'd still have been thunderstruck IMHO! Great photo.

Written on 04/19/2024 by Howard Tenenbaum

Nice to see the type of ARW plane my son works on in action

Written on 04/19/2024 by Robert Oldershaw

Nice all around. Excellent job.

Written on 04/19/2024 by Doug Zalud

Nice to see some color again with US military aviation. We really could learn from other nations on how to paint aircraft for significant events, and celebrations.

Written on 04/19/2024 by Doug Zalud

Nice looking plane.

Written on 04/19/2024 by RAY LLOYD


Written on 04/19/2024 by Samuel Bixler

777-300, not -200

Written on 04/19/2024 by Samuel Bixler

Un avion français sous immatriculation américaine, parqué à Troyes avec un emblème Corse.
Pas banal.

Written on 04/19/2024 by Bruno DUCHON-DORIS

Nice !

Written on 04/19/2024 by JoshA350

Well done.

Written on 04/19/2024 by Ge Ke

How I would love one more ride on a 747!

Written on 04/19/2024 by Michael Corcoran

What are the racks on the sides.

Written on 04/19/2024 by Tony Pilling

Written on 04/19/2024 by warmwynds

2024-04-19 C-GFCE => CIRRUS SR22 (2006)
Base of Operations: Burlington (CZBA), Ontario, CANADA
Latest Certificate of Registration Issued: -> 2019-05-30
Registered Owner Information Name: Verellen, Geert -> Burlington ON CANADA

Written on 04/19/2024 by Dominique Desilets


Written on 04/18/2024 by anthony geinopolos

The greatest part of life is change. There was a time when everyone was convinced that human flight was impossible. And the Wright Brothers could not have possibly envisioned aircraft the size of a B747 or A380 would ever come into existence. Nor could they have ever envisioned the Concorde and supersonic flight.

Written on 04/18/2024 by David Plummer

@peter junk. Thank You. This was shot with a Nikon D-810 (bought used) and Sigma 60-600 lens (bought on sale and used credit card cash back money which I let build up for like three years) so it was very affordable.

Written on 04/18/2024 by John Giambone

Duo shots are always good between new and old aircraft, perfect pic,if only I had your camera!

Written on 04/18/2024 by Peter Junk

@Tom Heaverlo = Thank you buddy!

Written on 04/18/2024 by John Giambone

Great shot!

Written on 04/18/2024 by Tom Heaverlo

This also reminds me of the old USAF MAC livery. I'd love to see one each C5 and C17 in "retro" livery. I think it would be a good image for the USAF and good for morale. When I was in, the new AMC commander in 1993ish had a 141 in the retro livery and decked out in full DV configuration. However, today's Air Force won't go for that.

Written on 04/18/2024 by Larry Toler

2024-04-18 C-GCMZ -> PIPER PA46
Base of Operations: CYKZ, ON Canada
Latest Certificate of Registration Issued: 2022-04-04
Registered Owner Information Name: Finally Airborne Inc. Toronto ON Canada

Written on 04/18/2024 by Dominique Desilets

Oh duh, its a Pilatus PC-12

Written on 04/18/2024 by bentwing60

2024-04-18 C-FFYT --> BELL 505
Base of Operations: Gatineau QC Canada CYND
Latest Certificate of Registration Issued: 2023-03-13
Registered Owner Information Name: Richcopter Inc. Gatineau QC

Written on 04/18/2024 by Dominique Desilets

2024 -04-17 ça ne ressemble pas à un Diamond Aircraft DA40

Written on 04/18/2024 by Dominique Desilets

I believe the correct registration for the aircraft is 86-24548. Beautiful photo!

Written on 04/17/2024 by Karter King`

Ok, boomer, fuck you and your stupid plane.

Written on 04/17/2024 by Eliade Micu

The scenery from the Planespotting Beach in Sydney is like no other.

Written on 04/17/2024 by Tyler Hawkins


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