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The first high-speed test with front gear ligt up for COMAC C919

The first high-speed test with front gear ligt up for COMAC C919 on 2017.4.23 at Pudong International Airport,Shanghai,China ( Más...

Is New Zealand About to Introduce its Own Electronics Ban?

Is New Zealand about to introduce its own version of the Electronics Ban? That’s exactly what the country’s transport minister has been considering, according to reports from Dubai. On Sunday, Simon Bridges told Reuters that the Civil Aviation Authority “is assessing the evidence to determine what is appropriate”. ( Más...

British Airways owner IAG invests in two tech startups

The British Airways parent company announced the Hangar 51 incubator back in October 2016, which saw over 450 companies apply for inclusion with IAG. From that pool of entries, 26 businesses were invited to pitch for a place, while just four were chosen for the ten-week programme in January. With the accelerator now over, two startups, Esplorio and Vchain, will receive investment from IAG. ( Más...

Driver Licenses From Nine States Won’t Be Valid IDs for Domestic Flights in 2018

Beginning Jan. 22, 2018, travelers from nine states will no longer be able to travel with only their driver’s licenses. ( Más...

Pilot: Stop blaming United

Like many, I stood in shock as I watched the cell phone video of Dr. David Dao being forcibly removed from United Express Flight 3411 at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport ( Más...

Iberia reveals first premium-economy routes

Spanish flag carrier Iberia has unveiled its first Airbus A340-600 fitted with new premium-economy seats and revealed first routes. >fofo ( Más...

Revised MH370 wreckage drift analysis adds pressure for renewed search

The CSIRO has revised earlier drift analysis of a wing flaperon from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that washed up on La Réunion island in 2015 and says it increases confidence that the wreckage of the Boeing 777 lies within a proposed new search area in the southern Indian Ocean that the Australian and Malaysian governments controversially decided not to search in January this year. ( Más...


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