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Delta, Korean Air Joint Venture Granted Approval by U.S. DOT

Today, Delta Air Lines and Korean Air took a significant step in the creation of their trans-Pacific joint venture with approval of the joint venture by the U.S. Department of Transportation. ( Más...

A350-1000 nears Type Certification

The A350-1000 — the newest member of Airbus’s Widebody family of aircraft (— has successfully completed its Functional and Reliability testing, bringing the aircraft a step closer to Type Certification this month. ( Más...

Former United Airlines Pilot (and Houston Brothel Owner) Receives Probation and $2,000 Fine

Imagine having a great career as a pilot with United Airlines and being able to find the time between layovers to moonlight as a brothel owner in Houston. And not just one brothel, but a string of brothels. Well, that was the life of former United Airlines pilot Bruce Wayne Wallis until his 2015 arrest. But lucky for Wallis, he’s a white man whose plea deal got him a slap on the wrist after he admitted to engaging in organized criminal activity. ( Más...

Thomas Cook Airlines UK quietly retires its last two Boeing 767

Thomas Cook Airlines (UK) has quietly stopped operating its last two 326-seat Boeing 767-300s (G-DAJC and G-TCCB). Both aircraft have not operated since November 2, 2017 and are now parked at Manchester minus any titles. ( Más...


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