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Crash victim families seek new type certification for Boeing 737 Max

Relatives of 737 Max crash victims want regulators to re-certificate the troubled Boeing narrowbody as a completely new aircraft, and only after crash investigations are complete. ( Más...

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Airbus mimics nature with 'Bird of Prey' concept plane

Airbus (AIR.PA) on Friday unveiled a concept aircraft with splayed wingtips and a fanned tail inspired by the feathers of an eagle as it experiments with “biomimicry” technology that could eventually lead to quieter landings and less pollution. ( Más...

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Airbus closes in on Air France jetliner deal - sources

Airbus is close to a deal worth billions of dollars to sell dozens of A320neo-family and smaller A220 aircraft to Air France as the French network carries out a keenly awaited renewal of its medium-haul fleet, industry sources said. The deal could include as many as 50-70 Canadian-designed A220 jets, formerly known as CSeries, to replace Air France's ageing fleet of roughly 50 A318 and A319 aircraft, they said. Air France is also expected to pick the A320neo family to replace approximately… ( Más...

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Gander International Airport in Newfoundland, Canada. A onetime transatlantic refueling stop, the airport has had a varied and interesting history.

It's an unlikely location for an international airport, but the northeastern tip of this rocky Canadian isle is one of the world's most significant aviation destinations. ( Más...

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Embraer Executive Jets Joins FlightAware’s Entry into Service Program

FlightAware announced today that Embraer Executive Jets will begin participating in their Entry Into Service Program. The program provides owners and operators of new or pre-owned Embraer business jets with a complimentary, one-year subscription to the premium version of FlightAware Global,a professional and private flight tracking service. FlightAware Global offers worldwide flight tracking that fuses thousands of data sources and makes them available to unlimited users via FlightAware’s web or… ( Más...

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Fraport will use FlightAware data – What does that mean for the whole ATM community?

We are now entering a time where a private organization, not run by a state, can provide better data and prediction than national or even trans-national ANSPs. In this age of data, it is also likely that FlightAware and the like can provide better flight profile and performance data than theory and research based models like BADA. ( Más...

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Boeing's 737 Max crisis hits pilots at Southwest, European airlines

The fallout from the Boeing 737 Max jet's global grounding is taking a toll on airline pilots in the U.S. and Europe. Pilots are facing reduced flying hours needed for promotions, hiring freezes and layoffs since Boeing suspended airline deliveries in March after the jet's grounding, which came after two crashes killed a combined 346 people in Ethiopia and Indonesia. Southwest Airlines Vice President of Flight Operations Alan Kasher told the airlines pilots recently that first officer… ( Más...

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British Airways suspends flights to Cairo for seven days

British Airways suspended flights to Cairo for seven days starting on Saturday to allow for an assessment of security there, the airline said in a statement ( Más...


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