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VIDEO: Passenger Assaults American Airlines Flight Attendant

A Friday afternoon flight turned violent after a passenger assaulted an American Airlines flight attendant shortly after takeoff. The passenger was restrained and arrested upon the aircraft's arrival in Los Angeles. (aeroxplorer.com) Más...

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Laser pointed at police helicopter pilots. Bail set at $100

The police pilots were able to direct ground units to the suspects, who were arrested. The amount of the bail is what is really disturbing. (www.click2houston.com) Más...

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Virgin Atlantic to Join SkyTeam

British carrier Virgin Atlantic is set to join the SkyTeam Alliance opening up new opportunities for the airline. (aeroxplorer.com) Más...

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Video: American Airlines cannot explain weird humanlike groans heard from intercom during some flights

DALLAS, TEXAS — On some flights operated by American Airlines, passengers have reported hearing eerie groans and phantom breathing over the intercom systems. Emerson Collins, a film producer, recorded the bizarre commotion while flying from Los Angeles to Dallas on September 6. The video captured by Collins immediately went viral On Twitter and TikTok with millions of views. (www.airlinerwatch.com) Más...

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Avelo to Open a Base in Fort Myers

Avelo airlines is planning to open a base at Fort Myers. The new base will allow the airline to operate four new routes from the airport and station planes at RSW. (aeroxplorer.com) Más...

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How Many DC-3 Are Still Flying?

The Douglas Commercial 3 (DC-3) was one of the most mass-produced, well-engineered aircraft in history. Built to last, to land anywhere and never to break, Douglas churned out more than 11,000 of the type before and during World War II. But how many of these 80-year-old aircraft are still flying today? The 80-year old aircraft that will never die For an aircraft that was built before the Second World War, you’d be forgiven for assuming most would have been retired by now. So, imagine our… (www.msn.com) Más...

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WestJet Orders Another 42 737 MAX 10s Plus 22 Options

WestJet has announced an agreement with Boeing to purchase 42 addition Boeing 737 MAX 10s, along with 22 options, bringing its firm orders for MAX 10s up to 65. The addition order extends their fleet growth plan to 2028. (www.gatechecked.com) Más...

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Eviation's All-Electric Alice Aircraft Completes First Flight

A milestone moment: Eviation's all-electric Alice aircraft completes its first flight. (airwaysmag.com) Más...

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Boeing 787 Mid Atlantic emergency diversion

Avianca Av120 Bogota to London diverts mid Atlantic. Story developing… (flightaware.com) Más...

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NZ1 (JFK-AKL)Diverts to NAN for "gas and go"

Air New Zealand has diverted its direct New York to Auckland service to Fiji, as the flagship service faces continuing issues with unfavourable weather. NZ1 out of New York JFK has updated this evening's route to include a stop at Nadi International airport to refuel. (www.nzherald.co.nz) Más...

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The De Havilland Comet: A Pioneer with a Fatal Flaw

The story of the design of the de Havilland Comet, the first jet-powered airliner. Why the two high-profile crashes occurred, and how this was fixed. (aeroxplorer.com) Más...

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Air cargo sector plays bigger role in CO2 emissions reductions

IATA wants ICAO to endorse net zero carbon by 2050 so governments can promote sustainable aviation fuel more. Meanwhile, Etihad, Lufthansa, AFKLM, Cathay Pacific and others are doing a lot on the cargo side to use SAF. (www.freightwaves.com) Más...


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