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A fire at a Florida airport destroyed more than 3,500 rental cars

A fire that spread through a grassy area of Southwest Florida International Airport has destroyed thousands of rental cars, fire department officials said. The blaze began Friday, spanned 15 acres and originally involved only 20 cars in the grassy rental car overflow area at the airport in Fort Myers, fire department officials said. But by the time it was extinguished, the flames had destroyed more than 3,500 rental cars, a Lee County Port Authority spokesperson told CNN affiliate WINK. ( Más...

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Boeing Suspends operations Indefinitely due to Coronavirus.

This is not a surprise, but it is not going to be good for the workers. Those that can work from home will be paid, but the rest either will be required to take vacation or sick leave to keep getting income. If it goes for long they will add to the unemployment numbers. I wish them all the best of luck. ( Más...

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Pratt & Whitney Canada 5-engined Boeing 747SP spotted on Apron @ YMX

Video shot by showing a glimpse of the P&W Canada 5 engined 747SP testbed. Also a favorite, taxing Nolinor B737-200 gravel runner ( Más...

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Air Transat temporarily suspends operations

The Canadian airline, Air Transat, has announced a temporary suspension of all its services. A statement issued on April 3 said: “In our commitment to keep you informed of the latest developments, we would like to update you on the situation that is severely affecting our industry. The airline had retired the last of its long-serving Airbus A310s on March 31. ( Más...

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Airlines Must Issue Refunds, Not Vouchers, for Flights Impacted by Coronavirus, Says Department of Transportation

Airlines have an obligation to give affected customers full refunds for any trips canceled because of coronavirus, the DOT says ( Más...

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Delta delivers new standard of airline cleanliness with “Delta Clean”

Delta delivers new standard of airline cleanliness with “Delta Clean”. The airline is revolutionizing cleanliness across airports and on aircraft in order to deliver a new standard of clean for customers. ( Más...

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Coronavirus: Grounded planes and deserted airport terminals

Major airports around the UK have been left almost empty as demand for air travel has plummeted following the worldwide coronavirus outbreak. Various travel bans have caused many airlines to massively scale back flights, resulting in abandoned terminal buildings. ( Más...

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Delta becomes the first U.S. airline to extend elite status

Here at TPG, one of the questions readers have posed to us most during the coronavirus pandemic is what airlines and hotels plan to do about elite status. We’ve seen some big moves from hotel chains, but today, Delta Air Lines announced some major, customer-friendly moves regarding elite status, upgrade certificates, Sky Club membership, Delta co-branded card perks and more. ( Más...

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How The Airline Industry Will Transform Itself As It Comes Back From Coronavirus

Volume will probably not regain its peak for at least 3-5 years. Business travel will recover more quickly than leisure travel. Lots of changes coming... ( Más...

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SAS Flies Its Longest Flight Ever

Earlier this week, SAS completed its longest-ever non-stop route to collect stranded Scandinavians in Peru. ( Más...


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