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Boeing 737-400 (YA-PID) Ariana Afghan Airlines Has Crashed In Ghazni

Boeing 737-400 (YA-PID) Ariana Afghan Airlines Has Crashed With 83 Passengers Onboard In Ghazni (Afghanistan) ( Más...

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Boeing secures $12 billion financial lifeline

Boeing has secured commitments of more than $12 billion in financing from more than a dozen banks, according to people familiar with the matter, as the industrial giant shores up its balance sheet amid the nearly yearlong grounding of the 737 Max. ( Más...

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Multiple fatalities reported after helicopter slams into Calabasas hillside

Kobe Bryant Dead at 41 in a helicopter crash, Calabasas California ( Más...

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Government puts up Air India for sale again

Bidders must absorb $3.3 billion debt to buy carrier ( Más...

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U.S. weighs ban on all flights from China over virus outbreak: report

CNBC reported late Tuesday that officials reportedly held a conference call with airline officials Tuesday and said a suspension of all China-U.S. flights is on the table as an option. CNBC reported that was one of a variety of responses being considered. United Airlines UAL said Tuesday it was cancelling dozens of flights to Hong Kong and mainland China, and Delta Air Lines DAL,and American Airlines AAL said they will waive fees to allow travelers to reschedule trips to China. ( Más...

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A Florida man was arrested for pointing lasers at planes landing at an airport (Video)

(CNN) A Florida man was arrested on Wednesday night for pointing lasers at planes trying to land at Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport. Charlie James Chapman Jr., 41, also is accused of pointing a laser at a Manatee County Sheriff's Office helicopter responding to the incident, according to a news release from the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. CNN could not determine if Chapman has a lawyer. ( Más...

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Boeing Embraer Partnership Approved By Brazilian Government

Brazil regulatory authorities have approved the Boeing-Embraer partnership. ( Más...

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E-11A Afghanistan Crash

A USAF E-11A Battlefield Airborne Communications Node crashed Jan. 27 in Afghanistan. ( Más...

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Iranian passenger plane lands in the middle of a city street – video

Footage has emerged on social media of a Caspian airline plane that appears to have made an emergency landing on an Iranian city street. It is believed around 130 people were on board when the plane landed in the city of Mahshahr. Footage shows passengers being helped out of the plane by onlookers. There are no reports of fatalities ( Más...

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LATAM Airlines To Introduce Premium Economy On Its Airbus Fleet

LATAM Airlines, South America’s largest carrier by passenger numbers, will begin introducing Premium Economy to its entire Airbus A319, A320, and A321 fleet. Starting on March 1, the airline will introduce the new class on its international routes, and on March 16 for domestic routes in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. ( Más...


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