• 28

United States Becomes Latest To Ban PIA Over License Scandal

The fallout over the fake license scandal at Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is growing (simpleflying.com) Más...

  • 7

Passenger threatens to have bomb on plane

American Airlines passenger claims to have a bomb on the plane (www.5newsonline.com) Más...

  • 12

British Airways Returns to Gatwick Airport

British Airways (BA) will resume flights to London Gatwick Airport (LGW) on July 18 as BA continues the restart of its long- and short-haul flights. (airwaysmag.com) Más...

  • 60

United Airlines Boeing 787 u-turns three times in two days

A United Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner was involved in three separate incidents over the span of two days, as it attempted to depart from Tokyo’s Narita International Airport (NRT). (www.aerotime.aero) Más...

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New Data Available on FlightAware Home Page

FlightAware is pleased to announce the placement of key data points on the home page of the website. (flightaware.com) Más...

  • 6

British Airways Slots at Risk After Massive Layoffs

British Airways [BA] has received a considerable amount of criticism regarding its handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Whether it be closing a hub, cutting hundreds of pilots, or most recently embarking on a restructuring initiative that axes 12,000 employees, critics have had a lot of material to use against the flag carrier. (airwaysmag.com) Más...

  • 59

Spirit Gives Sick 4 Year Old VIP Treatment With Private Jet

A four-year-old child was ruined forever after Spirit Airlines laid on an empty plane to repatriate the young lady and her family back to Puerto Rico last week (simpleflying.com) Más...

  • 5

Qantas Halts International Service Until 2021

Throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic, Qantas (QF) has been known to react extremely early, and with today’s news, that point has been driven home. In the past few days, QF has removed inventory on all international flights [aside from New Zealand] through March 28, 2021. (airwaysmag.com) Más...

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Theo Mberirua appointed to pilot Air Namibia

THE board of directors of Air Namibia has appointed former Standard Bank Namibia and Telecom Namibia chief executive Theo Mberirua as the airline's interim chief executive officer with effect from 13 July. This is pending the appointment of a substantive chief executive officer (CEO) for the beleaguered state-owned airline. (www.namibian.com.na) Más...

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American Airlines Has Threatened to Cancel Some Boeing 737 MAX Orders

The carrier has struggled to secure financing for 17 jets it had expected Boeing to deliver this year (www.wsj.com) Más...


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