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Airlines Want To Cancel Rule Requiring Them To Refund Fares For Canceled Flights

"The key element for us is to avoid running out of cash so refunding the canceled ticket for us is almost unbearable financially speaking," IATA Director General Alexandre De Juniac said in an online news conference on Tuesday. ( Más...

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Lufthansa will bring home thousands of vacationers from New Zealand

Lufthansa will bring vacationers on behalf of the Federal Foreign Office from New Zealand back to Europe. Five Airbus A380s with 509 seats each and five Boeing 747s with 371 seats each will fly from Auckland and Christchurch, the country's two largest cities, departing from Frankfurt during the week. A total of 210 crew members are making their way to the island state in the South Pacific to bring vacationers back home. The flights go from Auckland and Christchurch to Bangkok and then on to… ( Más...

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16 yr old pilot flying supplies to rural VA

McLEAN, Va. - TJ Kim can’t play lacrosse -- COVID-19 took the sport away. And at age 16, he can’t drive alone. But Kim can fly. And he’s turned his flying lessons into missions of mercy, bringing desperately needed supplies to rural hospitals in need. ( Más...

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Boeing discovers more software issues in the Max

The United States planemaker confirmed to Reuters news agency on Tuesday that one issue involves hypothetical faults in the flight control computer microprocessor, which could potentially lead to a loss of control known as a runaway stabiliser, while the other issue could potentially lead to disengagement of the autopilot feature during final approach. Boeing said the software updates will address both issues. ( Más...

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Air Canada To Temporarily Reduce Approximately 50% Of Its Workforce In Canada

Air Canada to temporarily reduce approximately 50% of its workforce in Canada as part of its cost reduction program due to the COVID-19 crisis. The move is expected to affect 16,500 jobs. ( Más...

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Wuhan Airport Reopens After 11 Week Lockdown

After 11 weeks of total lockdown, Wuhan’s Tianhe International Airport operated its first flight since the 23rd of January. Some of the first passengers to leave the province were doctors and other medical staff who were flown into Wuhan from other areas of China to help battle the outbreak. However, despite flights starting up again, not everyone will be allowed to travel. Only those deemed safe will be allowed to travel. ( Más...

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General Atomics demos MQ-9B UAV flying in national airspace for NASA

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA ASI) flew its MQ-9B SkyGuardian remotely piloted aircraft in controlled airspace over southern California on April 3 as part of a NASA demonstration of civil and commercial applications of drones. ( Más...

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Atlanta faced with growing homeless population at Hartsfield-Jackson

The city of Atlanta is faced with another challenge in the coronavirus outbreak: Hundreds of homeless people are sleeping at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. ( Más...

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Air Canada to rehire workers laid off due to COVID-19

MONTREAL -- Air Canada plans to rehire 16,500 laid-off workers via Ottawa's emergency wage subsidy, though the vast majority will remain at home amid the collapse of global travel triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company said Wednesday it will apply for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy to retain or bring back workers who were let go under a cost reduction program that saw nearly half of Air Canada's 36,000 employees lose their jobs as air traffic skidded to a halt due to the… ( Más...

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Germanwings shut down as Lufthansa reduces fleet size due to coronavirus

German airline group Lufthansa on Tuesday said it was shutting down its low-cost Germanwings unit and getting rid of dozens of planes to survive the economic impact of the coronavirus on the aviation industry. ( Más...

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Delta Providing 200,000 Pounds Of Food To People In Need

Delta is providing 200,000 pounds of food for people in need. Delta will be donating the food to hospitals, community food banks and other organizations around the world to help people in need and workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. ( Más...

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Airline workers say they warned about coronavirus dangers months before infections hit

Two more big airplane manufacturing facilities are shutting down because of the coronavirus outbreak. Airbus is temporarily halting production at its manufacturing plant in Mobile, Ala., where it makes A220 and A320 passenger jets, idling about 1,100 employees. And Boeing is closing down its 787 campus in North Charleston, S.C., affecting about 7,000 workers. ( Más...

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Virgin Atlantic to temporarily suspend passenger operations

Virgin Atlantic will not operate any passenger flights for nearly one week at the end of April. As a result of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the airline detailed that between April 20-26, it will only operate cargo services ( Más...

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The Zen of Airline Route Maps

Point to Point: Alaska Airlines’ Throwback Flights, and the Weird Zen of Airline Route Maps. ( Más...


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