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Southwest Airlines to suspend Boeing 737 MAX flights until June

Southwest, the Dallas based airline recently announced that they would be suspending flights operated by the Boeing 737 MAX until early June. Southwest says that once the aircraft have been certified by the FAA, that they will resume service on the MAX. ( Más...

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Toyota invests $349 million in flying taxi startup Joby Aviation

Toyota just invested $349 million in the flying taxi startup Joby Aviation. The two companies say they will work together, Joby sharing its all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) expertise and Toyota lending its knowledge of manufacturing, quality and cost controls to the development and production of Joby's future aircraft. ( Más...

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China's Xiamen Airlines, a Boeing operator, looks to bring Airbus jets in its fleet

China’s Xiamen Airlines, a long-time Boeing (BA.N) operator, is looking to bring 10 Airbus (AIR.PA) A321neo aircraft to its fleet, as the carrier grapples with the financial impact from the 737 MAX grounding and persistent trade uncertainties. ( Más...

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New video shows that not one but two Iranian missiles has hit the Ukrainian Boeing 737

Security camera video shows for the first time that Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 was struck by two missiles fired from an Iranian military site about eight miles away, according to a report. The New York Times reported that it has verified the footage, which helps explain why the Boeing 737-800’s transponder stopped working seconds before it was struck by a second missile. ( Más...

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A350-1000 demonstrates vision-based automatic take-off

Airbus has demonstrated a fully-automated A350-1000 take-off using a vision-based system which tracks the runway centreline and rotates the aircraft without side-stick input from the pilot. ( Más...

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Why Interjet Is Paying For Aircraft It No Longer Operates

The 2012 purchase of 22 Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) constrains the Mexican carrier Interjet even today. As of January 2020, only four of these aircrafts are used commercially but the airline still pays for all of them. ( Más...

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Aero Air/LifeMed Alaska Plane sinks after crashing on takeoff from Unalaska

Chartered medevac airplane sinks after crashing on takeoff from Unalaska ( Más...

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Heathrow Airport installs anti-drone system that can locate UAV pilots

The UK knows first-hand how disruptive drones can be to major airports. Last March, it introduced legislation to widen the drone no-fly zone around airports to five kilometers. Now, to enforce the new rules, London's Heathrow Airport has installed a system to detect and identify unauthorized UAVs. ( Más...

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Boeing Mocked Lion Air "Idiots" For Requesting Extra Training For 737 MAX

Lawmakers have finally followed up last week's bombshell release of internal Boeing communications with more extremely damning internal messages exchanged by employees. ( Más...

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South African Airlines puts 9 aircraft up for Sale

State-owned airline South African Airways has run up losses of R28bn over the last 13 years and is now selling nine commercial airliners, 15 spare engines and four auxiliary power units. The aircraft concerned are five A340-300 and four A340-600 - whether these will be snapped up is debatable due to their age, with the A340-300 especially said to only have about 6 months left. ( Más...

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UIA Flight 752 is the fifth airliner shot down since 1983

UIA Flight 752 became the fifth airliner that has been shot down since 1983. In the past, several incidents occurred by mistaking an airliner for a warplane during high military tensions between countries. ( Más...

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The New York Times has obtained video of the moment the Ukrainian Boeing 737 was hit minutes after takeoff from Tehran

Video verified by The New York Times appears to show an Iranian missile hitting a plane above Parand, near Tehran’s airport, the area where a Ukrainian airliner stopped transmitting its signal before it crashed on Wednesday. Ukraine International Boeing 737-800 #PS752 could have shot down by Iran’s anti-aircraft missile. US intelligence picked up signals of the radar being turned on & satellite detected infrared blips of 2 missile launches, probably SA-15s, followed shortly by another… ( Más...

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Israeli Air Force’s F-16s Damaged By Flooding

Last week Israel was hit by heavy rains which caused widespread flooding in several cities. Military installations weren’t spared by the rain either, notably damaging eight F-16C/D “Baraks” in the hangars at Hatzor Airbase. ( Más...

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No Technical Problem, No Flight Path Deviation: Ukraine Airlines Vindicated In Iran Tragedy

While foreign governments were concluding a missile was likely responsible, Ukraine Airlines continued to refute Iran’s theories, ranging from abstract technical problems or pilot handling to specific mentions of engine failure. ( Más...

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Scariest runways in the World

The Weather Channel chose these as the scariest runways in the world. A couple have closed since this was published. Any airports that should have been on this list? ( Más...

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Air Canada Inaugurates First A220-300 In Montreal (+Video)

Air Canada has officially become North America’s launch operator of the Airbus A220-300. The Canadian flag carrier unveiled the new single-aisle jet to the public before its planned entry into service on January 16 on the busy Montreal-Calgary route. ( Más...


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