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Qantas 787 Flight Flew With 4 Covered Static Ports

A Qantas 787 was found to have four of its engine static ports taped up on a flight used to transport freight from from Melbourne to Los Angeles. (www.gatechecked.com) Más...

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China Eastern Black Box Points to Intentional Nosedive

Flight data indicates someone in the cockpit intentionally crashed a China Eastern jet earlier this year, according to people familiar with U.S. officials’ preliminary assessment of what led to the accident. (www.wsj.com) Más...

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The U.S. is facing its worst pilot shortage ever, forcing airlines to cut flights and growth plans

The U.S. is facing its worst pilot shortage ever, forcing airlines to cut flights for a summer travel season that is expected to surpass 2019 levels... (www.aviationweekly.org) Más...

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Southwest Airlines proposed a ploy to deceive FAA on Boeing 737 MAX, legal filing alleges

In April 2016, when Boeing’s 737 MAX was in flight test a year ahead of its certification by the Federal Aviation Administration, Southwest Airlines made a strange proposal to Boeing — one that suggests an effort to deceive the FAA. According to a legal filing by attorneys pursuing a lawsuit against the airline, Southwest manager Bill Lusk asked Boeing officials, including the MAX chief technical pilot Mark Forkner, if engineers could install a new flight control safety alert required for the… (www.seattletimes.com) Más...

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JetBlue Launches Hostile Takeover Bid to Acquire Spirit Airlines

Yet another twist occurred this morning when JetBlue launched a hostile takeover bid to win back Spirit from Frontier Airlines. JetBlue is now offering $30 per share, significantly more than its ultra-low-cost rival, and claims a deal offering $33 per share is still a possibility. (aeroxplorer.com) Más...

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Alaska Airlines says May will be 'choppy'

Alaska Airlines says May will be 'choppy' with 4% of flights canceled every day (www.foxbusiness.com) Más...

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Ryanair Calls Boeing Managers ‘Headless Chickens,’ Seeks Shakeup

Ryanair Holdings Plc Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Leary joined in industry criticism of Boeing Co.’s leadership, saying the company needs a shakeup as production snags afflict its three main jetliner models. (www.bnnbloomberg.ca) Más...

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MH17 trial: Dutch prosecutors point to indisputable evidence

During a court hearing in the MH17 trial, Dutch prosecutors stressed that there was enough evidence of the defendants’ involvement in downing a passenger plane in July 2014. (www.ukrinform.net) Más...

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Russian Airlines Expected To Start Cannibalizing Western Aircraft For Spare Parts

The Russian aviation industry has found a way to keep its fleet operational despite sanctions. (simpleflying.com) Más...


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