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KLM And Qantas Retire Their Passenger 747s After Almost 50 Years Of Service

Both KLM and Qantas retired their last passenger Boeing 747 flights on March 29, 2020, much earlier than initially planned. ( Más...

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stardog01 10
Sad to see the noble and iconic 747s being retired these days.
patrick baker 6
this is tragedy for nostalgia flying buffs, for i never had a bad flight on any 747 ever, had room to roam, and never was less than amazed that the monsterous bird every time lifted off and climbed so very well. I flew on Delta, American, Air India, and United's 747's. What is replacing them is far less interesting to me than the magnificent 747. Once after National Airlines put several 747's on scheduled service, I was flying into Miami International Airport, number 3 or 4 behind a National 747 going to land. I stayed above the flight path of the behemoth, observed the aircraft pitched up , and thought just for a moment I was waterskiing behing a whale painted in National Airlines colors.You just had to be there, and i truly was there....
Viv Pike 5
The Qantas 747 from SYD to JNB was a daily that I enjoyed tracking as she came into ADS-B airspace. When this whole pandemic is over and some normality returns to life, I keenly await to see which aircraft Qantas will employ on this daily route, SYD - JNB.
matt jensen 2
And we enjoyed flying on
Possible the A350-1000 or 787-9. I live in Toronto so I cannot confirm which aircraft of the two will be used.
RIP the Boeing 747. Will miss the landing when operated by Lufthansa, but overall, it was a really great aircraft and an iconic one!

I remember walking through the first Pan Am 747 in Hanger 14 at a Christmas party. Did the same with the 707. My father spent 6 months in Seattle as Tech Flight Engineer working on the design. What a marvelous airplane.
Edward West 2
I had purchased a ticket to LHR on 747,just to say I had flown on a 747, and airline changed planes 2 weeks later to A350-1000. I hope to get another chance before they are all retired.
I was in the 82nd Airborne Division in the 70’s and volunteered for jumps on the final flights of a C47 and C119. Oth were cancelled and the next time I saw them was at the 82nd Airborne Museum.
Chris B 2
BA still flying theirs.....but I think the A380 will leave the skies sooner.
Doug Fehmel 1
I loved every flight that I ever made on the 747. There were times when flying between Germany and the States when the fights were so empty we could spread out all over the airplane. The times I flew 747 Combi's with air freight in the rear part of the plane. Sad time, indeed.
Scott Campbell 1
Line up and wait ...
Scott Campbell 1
I also think they would honor the Queen, by giving her a proper send off, the 47 made Qantas what it is ...
Scott Campbell 1
Roger Anderson 0
Heard they may use them for a few repatriation flights before sending them off.
Rodney Palmer -5
This report regarding the retirement of all Qantas 747s is WRONG! Please confirm your facts with an appropriate authority before writing incorrect articles.
Roger Anderson 5
Story has an update from Qantas themselves. Even though it's not an official retirement, it's unlikely to fly again given the situation with Corona.
davemc380 2
Maybe so, but the title of the article is factually incorrect


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