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Southwest: Delta “Squatting” at Dallas Love Field

Tensions are rising over the use of one gate at Dallas Love Field. Southwest claims Delta is illegally “squatting” while Delta claims it must protect Dallas from Southwest. ( More...

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Edward West 5
Delta flies same route out of DFW which is 15 miles away. Same fare. DAL is a much easier airport to get in and out of. If I had to fly Delta I would choose DAL. Can't blame them for wanting to stay.
While I too prefer Delta over Southwest, the "only trash flies on Southwest" comment is monumentally ignorant.
btweston -6
I’m not sure that’s true.

Mike Boote 3
This is getting old.
WhiteKnight77 6
I am not a fan of Delta and agree that once a lease is over, you move on unless the leasor is willing to sign a new lease.
btweston -1
M.F. LaBoo 2
Legally, Delta hasn't a strut to stand on. This is a simple matter of contract law. No contract, they get evicted, done.
Opinions vary.
jack cagle 1
Delta has a reputation for squatting. Did they same things on Haneda routes. Let them share with AS until they can commit and guarantee service to their hubs.
Totally wrong re: HND.
Southworst hates ANY competition.
Mike Boote 2
Squatting at Haneda? Don't be ridiculous. That never happened.
btweston -1
You guys ever watch Southwest’s reality show? “Airline,” I think it was called.

“While gate agent Dave is dealing with this white trash person who won’t patiently wait until in line in Islip, gate agent Steve is calling the Chicago PD on this white trash person who is visibly intoxicated at Midway.

‘Sometimes you feel like a zookeeper,’ says Steve”

Ya think?
paul gilpin -3
how does alaska figure into this discussion?
alaska air?
the state of alaska?
does anyone proof anymore?
paul gilpin -2
btweston -5
You’re not wrong, Walter, you’re just an asshole.

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Willie Wonka 2
Aviation, among a horde of other entities, can be a very interesting display of egos and one upmanship (maybe not a word lol). The first class passengers review the economy ticket holders as they travel in a commoner parade to their assigned micro-space. At the same time, the passengers in a Gulfstream 650 would not consider the First Class Airline passenger anywhere near their level of social standing. It’s an ugly game where we as a society are on a constant vigil to degrade those we think do not deserve to be equal to us based on just about any criteria we chose to measure. The car we drive, the house we occupy, the school we attend, the clothes we wear, the watch that surrounds our wrist and for Heaven’s sake now the airline we fly. Every day a new measurement of social ranking places us in the same category as a used non-recycled Pepsi can. We can pass off comments about social rankings as jealousy and envy. Maybe they are or maybe it makes us uncomfortable to realize that we measure others unfairly.
Robert Martin 1
IN the words of Kris Kristofferson..."Everyone needs someone to look down on"
James Simms -6
Better look around in your glass house before throwing stones. There’s a lot more “trash” people around in this world then there are people w/“silver spoons” stuck up their nose. Would rather depend on a “trash” person than an uppity up who’d stab you in the back @ the first opportunity, they make better friends & are more down to earth. Better genetic quality in “trash” people than the silver spoons.
Wouldn't know about those two groups since I'm not one of them.
btweston -3
Trash people are not better friends. They are the people who make an awkward scene arguing over coupons at Golden Corral while you facepalm and swear to God you’ll never accept an invitation to hang out with them again.

“Southwest is cheaper!” they say.


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