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Conquest Cargo CVLP near Miami on Feb 8th 2019, both engines failed, forced landing in sea

A Conquest Air Cargo Convair C-131, registration N145GT performing freight flight QAI-504 from Nassau (Bahamas) to Miami Opa-Locka,FL (USA) with 2 crew, was enroute about 10nm east of the coast of Florida east of Miami when both engines failed forcing the crew to ditch the aircraft in the ocean about 9nm east of the coast and about 20nm southeast of Opa-Locka Airport at about 12:15L (17:15Z). ( Más...

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KingAir06a 22
(This is my personal observation/opinion and does not reflect that of the FAA) Now that this is out of the way, as an Air Traffic Controller in Miami that works these planes all the time, they always come in with a gradual descent. They get out of IFR weather and cancel IFR under the Bravo so there's no delay sequencing them into OPF with other IFR arrivals.

Many times they come over on VFR flight plans and just descend to stay beneath the Bravo. While there's definitely reason to believe there was a descent resulting from the failure of both engines, it's premature to read into any gradual descent from Bimini onward. The arrival itself has the aircraft crossing DEKAL at 6,000.

I did not work this plane and can't speak for any of the control aspects, but as a pilot and aviation professional, I am very interested in learning what caused this accident. My thoughts are with the family of the missing captain and to the first officer who was found alive.
jbqwik 2
hmm. Interesting 'insider' details. Thanks.
chalet 5
The two engines conking out at the same time probably means one of two things: that they refueled in at Lynden Airport with jetfuel instead of avgas, or less likely that they run out of fuel. RIP to the Captain.
KingAir06a 2
Interestingly running out of fuel is something that keeps coming to my mind. Especially considering AvGas in the Bahamas is much more expensive and the max range of a Convair 131B is around 450nm.
chalet 1
Actually the range of the 240-340-440 family of civilian aircraft and of its military counterparts T-29 and C-131 is 1100 nm.
KingAir06a 1
That makes a lot more sense. Not sure why the website I was on said it was 450...
timewarp 7
Kind of sad to see the flight track as the plane got lower and lower, but great piloting to get it there in a semi-controlled fashion.

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Kobe Hunte 8
that wasnt his point...
No professional pilot would think what you said, where do you get these thoughts that you post? If you are a pilot, and that is what you would be thinking then you need to spend some time with an instructor and in a sim so that you will become a pilot that others in your plane would have at least have a chance of surviving in an emergency!
btweston 6
I think you should calm down.
In my previous post, I did not address the "double" aspect of the engine failure issue. While there is insufficient information in the article to be precise, I would point out that many operator's of the big, old radial engines "baby" them to extend their life. When an engine on a twin engine airplane fails, it is not uncommon to require that the remaining engine be operated at close to its maximum power to sustain flight in that condition, thus hastening its own failure. I recall a number of years ago, a Lockheed Constellation (4 engines) had to ditch just after taking off from SJU, PR due to a multiple radial engine failure.

While fuel exhaustion is certainly a possibility, I would proffer that misfuelling with Jet A would not get the airplane all the way from Nassau to within 20 miles of Florida.
Kobe Hunte 1

Kobe Hunte 1
that pilot is very lucky to be living judging my the pictures. Very unfortunate about the other pilot though....
I agree The area he had to ditch in considering his distance from Miami would have him landing in the Gulfstream which at this time of year would most likely be in the 4 to 6-foot seas. In this case, the captain did an outstanding job to enable the first office to survive with the life raft as he would have been able to brace himself during the ditching and considering he was in a life raft I would speculate the captain had the first office go to the back and have the life raft available. Very brave selfless act on his part. Brave man! Kudo's captain, rest in peace, God speed!
jptq63 1
As of this writing, heard search for missing pilot has been called off.... Looking at track and when decent seems to have started, wonder why they keep for Florida vs. Bimini, as, even with a 180, it seems quite a bit closer. Need to learn cause. Not there, so not making judgement, just observation from track AFTER the fact; i.e. not enough info....
WPBF reported yesterday, "The wing of a small plane washed ashore early Monday morning on Hutchinson Island." [Florida]
The Convair C-131 uses older Pratt & Whitney radial engines, which were great engines in their time, which has long past. As these engines get older (many were manufactured during WW II), they are getting harder and harder to properly maintain due to many factors: lack of available spare parts, lack of PROPERLY overhauled spares, metal fatigue and the diminishing supply of aviation mechanics who have ever worked on a radial engine. That they are still flying is a testament to their original quality!! Commendable job of a successful ditching and condolences to the family and friends of the missing crewmember!
To see the collection at Opa-Locka airport in black and white, there's a much better website than this one—below—but it includes the term from the better site:
"Corrosion Corner"

The above website might include a photo of the actual Convair being discussed.

There was a similar "Corrosion Corner" at MIA in the 1970s.
Kobe Hunte 1
I wish people that have bad reputations on FA would just get banned


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