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First Delta A350 XWB maiden flight from Toulouse

The first Airbus A350XWB destined for Delta Air Lines completed its first flight this morning in Toulouse, France. The aircraft (MSN 115), registered under French test registration F-WZGP, will soon be the flagship of the Delta fleet under the registration N501DN. The aircraft took off from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport this morning at 10:24 local, and almost immediately climbed towards the Bay of Biscay where it completed several hours of tests at a variety of altitudes. ( Más...

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honza nl 14
Just as KLM here buys 737's, 777's and 787's; some US airlines will buy Airbus. That is a healthy situation, forcing each side to do better.
bartmiller 8
Remember that there is no such thing anymore as a truly American or European airliner. The components come from so many sources that every plane, even the new Chinese ones, have a huge percentage from around the world.

Avionics. Airframe parts (lots). Interiors. Seats. Windows. Lavs. Engines. Tires. Sensors. Landing gear. Wire (and fiber). Even paint.
Dan Blanchard 5
I would bet Delta went with Airbus because they are tired of GE's jet engine division.
Arnaldo Diaz 1
I think Delta went with Airbus because most of the leadership post merger was NW, plus they had successful business relationships with them. They were more open to consider an Airbus way more than
someone like WN.
Nico Arreman 4
It's better if there are two suppliers to buy at any 50% than anything else in one society, otherwise you will pay later the main price.
Greg Green 2
The A350 is not a Flagship aircraft, unlike a true flagship aircraft (B747 or A380) it is undistinguishable in air from any other twin engine jet. its just another twin jet, nobody is going to walk up to the gate and say "wow", it will be more like what is that plane
Disconnect here. They are already flying A350's. Just now noticed this story is a year old.
Brian Sullivan 1
It's hugely a safety/financial decision to fly aircraft from the different builders so if there's a major recall or problem with one type, their operations can continue.
Jesse Carroll 1
WOW...another Boeing!
However, I just flew on a Airbus318?320,333,338,hell, I don't remember but it looked like a Boeing! Then when we got to our seats, much surprised it had LEG ROOM! Also, an Airbus get your arse out card for emergency stuff!
Was a nice ride for a change. Unusual from AA.....Just saying!
anthony mchale -4
Buy 777 Please. Really ?
edmaircraft 2
Why? DL has several 77Ls already. These will create fleet diversity.
toolguy105 -6
If it ain't Boeing I ain't going.

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Kenneth Schmidt 12
It's called competition.
LOL, really? Just like anyone else is buying products made in the US and NOT made in China, right? This is capitalism at work, apparently Delta couldn't either get 787s in a timely fashion or they got a better deal from Airbus.
william baker 3
Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought when northwest who merged with delta they were suppose to get 787's this year. If that's true then they would have gotten them in a timely manner.
aidannorman 3
Delta has completely canceled the 787 order, and if they didn't cancel it would have been longer until they received the first one. I don't remember but it would have been late 2018 or 2020 when they received the first 787.
Thanks, appreciate the clarification!
That may be, not sure that's why I said "either" in my post, as two possible reasons Delta got the A350. Or there is some other reason we don't know!!
jmilleratp 6
Boeing going the over-promise-and-under-deliver route didn't work out.
Bryan Morgan -1
It's all about the money, my airline was the same way(USAirways) cheap over quality


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