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Cathay ends Boeing 747 passenger services

Tokyo Haneda is the latest airport to play host to an increasingly familiar scene in recent times – saying goodbye to the Boeing 747. On Saturday, it was Cathay Pacific’s turn to bid farewell to the iconic aircraft, with CX543 from the close-in Tokyo airport to Hong Kong the oneworld alliance member’s last revenue passenger flight with the 747-400. Staff lined up alongside B-HUJ as it prepared for departure, marking the end of an era that began on August 4 1979 when Cathay’s first 747, 747-200… ( Más...

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temukukiwi 1
Really sad to let go of this almighty heavy she done her owner proud very proud I must say. I flew her two years ago from VHHH EGLL nice inside. But her fate will rest with other sister aircraft at the ramps at Victorville.

Yes the Queen of the skies is a legendary Jumbo jet of all time history making. I hope they still remain in the skies for a long time
sueridge307 1
Agree the 747B was always my favorite aircraft and a safe on as well this aircraft leaves a legacy or mile stone of history and success. Nick named the Jumbo Jet in it's early day's watching the from KJFK KMIA, KLAX was a real fantastic sight to see on landing and take off's and taxing. Many plane spotters loved taking millions of photo's and watchinh the Queen of the skies touch and go from major airports around the globe
Sad to see her go too. On my recent trip to East Africa I was booked on KLM from Nairobi to Amsterdam on a B744, and I was looking forward to as as it would probably have been my last flight on the legendary lady. Unfortunately KLM cancelled this flight, had to take Turkish Airlines to get home. Good aircraft and excellent service on Turkish, but no Queen of the Skies......
Marco Vieira 1
Awwwwwwww poor 747, at least BA and Lufthansa still run the 747
KLM too, unless they have to cancel their flights due to "technical reasons".....


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