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Average Price of an Airline Ticket Dropped Substantially in July

The cost of buying a plane ticket went down considerably last month. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics announced Wednesday that the average airfare dropped 5.6% in July, the Consumer Price Index for airline fares “fell sharply,” while the indices for food, energy, as well as all items except food and energy were up slightly in the same period.... ( Más...

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Not out of any of the Upstate New York cities unless two carriers were competing on the same route. With all the mergers, competition is rare around here!
Seriously doubt any "statistics" prepared by "Bureau of Labor Statistics". They probably source their data from their Twitter account.

Why in the world would you say that? Is the CPI a fabrication in your estimation?
joel wiley 1
Statistics are, by nature, a fabrication. The data and the statistical tests are subject to interpretation. What is included and excluded in assembling the data set and by whom can be significant.


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