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(Video) A New Standard of Clean – Delta Clean

"The highest levels of clean should not be reserved in times of crisis. That's why we're extending our overall safety focus to include our new standard of clean - Delta Clean. " ( Más...

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ADXbear 3
Good job Delta.. suggestion.. dont forget safety cards and mags..
You could also offer gloves as well once flight is in service mode.
thank you delta..this should give travellers and employees a bit of relief from fear...hope it continues..
I can see it now you want a "clean seat" that's a $15 fee, hand sanitizer 75¢ a squirt. Funny, the same airlines that didn't give a crap (unless you paid a tremendous fee) if your young children sit next to their parents or between to pedophiles at the opposite end of the plane, are no oh so concerned about everyone's safety!
Ever since I started flying, and that is many more years than I will admit to, I have always brought disinfecting wipes and completely cleaned my area, seatbelt, arm rests, call buttons, air supply, window, table, and seatback pocket. I have always done this before sitting down. Too bad the airlines never did this regularly, and only now, are starting. Shame on them for having never had real cleaning before every flight.
Airliners in general are pretty nasty. You would not believe what you find when an airplane goes in for maintenance or overhaul and you start taking the interior apart!
WhiteKnight77 2
Why did it take a deadly virus to get you to properly clean airplanes between flights? That is my question. There is a section of fliers who are just plain nasty and leave trash or worse all over the place on a plane. From dirty diapers in the seat back pocket to putting their sweaty, smelly feet on armrests to food wrappers from the fast food joint on the concourse, people don't care if they might transmit something to others.
Bill Overdue 0
Why haven't you been doing this since inception? I wouldn't stick my arm in the seat cover in front of me for $100.
patrick baker 0
many delta airlines rememble an episode of Hoarding, with filth and trash , dirt and other disgusting items. THis new corporate happy-speak , we will just have to look at their results.
Muchits 3
Their results are apparent in their substantial NPS score increase for March.
Applause for that good and necessary initiative. Your people (crew and other employees)inside the airplane should always wear gloves
Muchits 1
Pilots should always wear gloves?
WhiteKnight77 1
Why not? Military pilots wear gloves and do do before taxiing. Nitrile gloves, as well as the lambskin palmed nomex knit flight gloves do offer dexterity to the wearer.
WhiteKnight77 1
That should be do don them.


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