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One killed, another injured, small plane burned at a suburban Houston airport

plane ignited while under maintenance on a landing strip at Southwest Regional Airport in Arcola, Texas,- NBC affiliate KHOU. ( Más...

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Holy moly! Wonder what kind of maintenance was being performed and what the aircraft was.
Loral Thomas 1
Later reports have a instructor and student taking off and colliding with another unoccupied plane on the ground. Fire erupted killing one and also setting a hangar on fire. My question is what was the departing plane doing to collide with the unoccupied one?
linbb 1
Doesn't look like any more than a burn mark on the hangar door. The tip of another AC wing was burned. Just does not look like the plane was moving more like it was sitting in front of the door facing away from the hangar. The story as written makes no sense or agrees with pictures shown.
Philip Clifton 1
The original story was inaccurate. The accident aircraft lost control shortly after takeoff and came down atop another plane by the hangar. The student was able to extricate himself from the wreckage, but the instructor was not so fortunate.
Jeff Lawson 1
Incident summary --


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