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Police stop apparent suicide attempt on JetBlue flight

(CNN)A group of police officers flying home to Utah from the funeral of slain New York Police Det. Wenjian Liu were unexpectedly called into service in midair. A JetBlue flight from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Salt Lake City was diverted to Chicago O'Hare International Airport on Sunday after a passenger apparently became suicidal and combative after a fight with her husband, CNN affiliate KSL reported. ( Más...

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Robert Fleming 2
it's amazing that this woman would try and do this on a plane full of cops....unless every single one of them were in civies. God bless all LEO's
Mark Kirchner 2
It was great that there were officers on board to help out. God bless our police officers.
Jet blue's gracious offer to fly police officers free to and from the funeral has paid off.
Jet blue has earned my business every chance I can fir this.
Jimmy Robinson 2
Crazy lady. It's a shame that she thinks dying is better than life itself. I know life can be rough sometimes. But riding out the rough spots and keeping hope is worth it. I hope she gets some help and decides she wants to live.

Jamar Jackson 1
Mike Mohle 1
Every time a flight is diverted for some non flight/safety reason, seatbacks, arguing, etc., the person who caused the diversion should be prosecuted for the costs to the airline, as well as being liable to each of the other passengers for their time. There were more than 100 people inconvenienced on that flight, that missed meetings, flights, and a host of other events because of one nut. Also, some medical emergencies in the air should not happen either, as those people should have never placed themselves on a flight due to their known condition.
Hans Lam 1
Beste Mike,

Op welke wijze kan je zien dat deze dame in grote psychische nood is dat zij tijdens de vlucht een eind aan haar leven wil maken.

Dan de opmerking dat de kosten van de vertraging en andere kosten haar in rekening dienen te worden gebracht getuigt volgens mij van een gebrek aan medeleven met deze persoon die zulke grote problemen heeft en welke dat gaat u en mij niets aan. Deze vrouw heeft zéér dringend medische hulp nodig.


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