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China blocks multiple flights from the US as safety measure against COVID-19

China has been ratcheting up travel restrictions after recent outbreaks of COVID-19 as it prepares to host the Winter Olympics in early February. China limits capacity on inbound flights currently to 75% and requires passengers to be tested before departure and after arriving in the country. If any passenger tests positive, the airline that carried them can be forced to cancel two to four flights, depending on the number of positive cases. United Airlines said it was forced to cancel six flights… ( Más...

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Ed Kostiuk 2
Now that is funny.
Cleffer 1
Very ironic. LOL.
Bbuman 1
This is even more hilarious
“ . In 2020, the Trump administration backed down from a threat to block four Chinese airlines after China agreed to let United and Delta resume limited operations that were shuttered earlier in the pandemic.”

Spencer Hoefer 1
Are we gonna call China racist now for doing that too?
oh well..between covid and political and economic issues with china, this was to be expected..there had already been a big "issue" about athletes attending the winter olympic from other counntries.


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