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Boeing states Malaysian airlines knows of the whereabouts of MH370 location

A Boeing spokesman for the plane maker has come out saying Malaysian airlines who owned the Boeing 777-200 MH370 knows exactly where the wreckage maybe but won't disclose this as they fear the cargo on board the doomed flight had contributed to bringing the aircraft down into the Indian Ocean after a expert went over many hours of passenger listings from pervoius flights with the aircraft and cargo manifests from what it was carrying. A special top secret document revealed MH370 was carry… ( Más...

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william baker 1
And the link goes to something other then the article listed.
linbb 2
Why not its just another no where post about that flight as those who post about it have nothing else to do they are just internet trolls.
This site is about done as again since preacher passed away its gone down hill.
william baker 0
Well it has in. A way yes. But I was just making a point lol. Besides no offense to anyone this is my opinion but they know where this plane is there just hiding something is all.
Roy Hunte 1
Could have been this: or this: that could be the links needed.

sueridge307 1
According to the NZ the accordance given where the aircraft maybe is at N 41 58.22
W 87.54.29 and the last Frequency channel the 777 was on was 108.950 now where in the hell is that in the Indian ocean??? Isn't this the area where AA flight 191 came to rest in 1979 from runway 32L Chicargo O"Hare airport killing all aboard tell me if this is correct. By now this Boeing 777 if it is at the bottom of the sea bed some where. It would be badly corroded with barnacles rusting etc or it could be in a big shed in one of many hundreds of Malaysian airports or off field area's. Boeing says it is easy to dismantle a big jet like that and hide it somewhere but how would they keep the passengers and crew mouths shut??
Roy Hunte 1
There are ways and means of permanently shutting mouths.....


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