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US Navy paints a F9F-8 Cougar fighter jet pink

US Navy paints a F9F-8 Cougar fighter jet pink to bring attention to October being Breast Cancer Awareness month in the USA. ( Más...

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canuck44 4
What is next?....a rainbow painted aircraft to celebrate Pride month. Someone need to publish how much of the "Pink Money" actually ends up where is less than 10%. If you really want to help donate directly to the cancer charity of your choice where over 85% actually goes where intended and the service needs to get back to putting this pc money into maintenance needed.
What color will they paint it for prostate cancer?
joel wiley 1
Blue. And Teal for Ovarian.
Maybe they should have painted an FUP-35 and gotten some use out of it.

canuck44 1
...or colon cancer.
Steve Johnson 0
Self-serving 'make us feel good and look good' PR stunt from the US Navy.
pretty much sums up how I feel about it to, same for the most of the major sports attempts to 'raise awareness' too


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