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Inside Bombardier's 'giant gamble'

After years of speculation about the financial viability of Bombardier's C-Series aircraft programme, the Canadian company says things are back on track. Bombardier was showing off its new aircraft at the Farnborough Airshow, ahead of the plane's commercial debut this week when airline Swiss begins flights. ( Más...

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Scott Campbell 4
After flying multiple legs on the E-175, I've found it to be the most comfortable single aisle aircraft of anything else outside of a 57. If given the choice I'd pick the 175 over the 37-700,800,900 and A319,20. So yes huge challenge ahead for any new CRJ

Roy Hunte 2
They have a LOT of competition to wade through.
poutne64 1
I have been on Air Canada's E-175 (or E-190?) once. The seats that AC use are so uncomfortable, small, hard, and short. And the baggage bins are way too small. Even now, year later, I still cringe and try to avoid flight legs with Embraer regional jets on any company. That being said, these C-Series are expensive, but they have features of a real 21st-century plane. I also like the A340, B777-300ER (love it), ... When you trust German and Swiss quality, having Swiss on board is a welcoming sign of confidence.
jmilleratp 1
The plane has come out so many years after the similar Embraer model that it was going to be a struggle from day one. I personally would want to go Bombardier. But, they are going to have to fight to make this happen.


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