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Korean Air A380 Hits 2 Light Poles At LAX

LOS ANGELES (AP) — An Airbus A380 superjumbo jet hit two light poles while taxiing to its gate at Los Angeles International Airport with hundreds of passengers aboard. The Korean Air flight arrived from Seoul on Wednesday afternoon with 384 people aboard and an airport operations vehicle misguided the jet, which caused the incident, said airline spokeswoman Penny Pfaelzer. ( Más...

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PhotoFinish 5
LAX drivers are having problems with the A380. That A380 is a big bird. And big planes tend to get into these 'wing benders' while taxing on airport grounds.

Makes me think that the folding wing of the 777X might actually be a brilliant idea.
Roland Dent 2
Just plain incompetent driving. This A380 has cameras...and dumb can ya git?
spatr 2
Sounds like the "follow me" truck went down the wrong taxiway. Can't fault the plane for that, maybe the crew if they knew what taxiways the 380 can or cant take at LAX.
Roland Dent 1
Captain has command. He does not have to follow the "follow me". That is the problem these days...flight crews do as suggested. Captain has the call unless directed by the tower to expedite a movement for saftey reasons.
BaronG58 2
Light poles must have been in wrong place.
Ella Talbott 3
It's an obese monstrosity. Never liked the A380, either to look at nor travel on.
Ric Wernicke 1

-Homer Simpson


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