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North Carolina ANG MAFFS Retardant Drop on Pacheco Forest Fire

Pacheco Fire, northwest of Santa Fe, NM. MAFFS 8 - 145th Airlift Wing, North Carolina Air National Guard. I think this ( is a from-the-cockpit California ANG drop at the Las Conchas Fire. ( Más...

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wendell chambers 0
We live very close , Santa Fe 30 naut. mi these people very important & doing great service !!!
Ted Liversidge 0
That video was taken on the first afternoon of the fire and I happen to be watching with a pair
of 8&42's. A Neptune made a drop on the fire side of that ridge before 130. The 130 was next
and it looked like his compete drop was on the south slop (away from the fire). I only hope there were no fire crews on this side of the ridge. Later, a Neptune came back and made a second fireside drop. The Neptune drivers fly those big old suckers down low and slow. My hat's off to them.
Over a week later; when smoke permits, I can look up at the South side of that ridge and see pink
fur trees.

Brian Bishop 0
There was a large MAFFS training event at KGYH a while back and got some photos of a number of them.


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