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Three convicted of murder in Malaysian Flight MH17 crash in Ukraine

A Dutch court on Thursday Nov. 17 convicted three men of murder for their role in shooting down a Malaysia Airlines passenger jet with a Russian surface-to-air missile, killing all 298 people aboard the aircraft as it flew over a separatist-controlled region of eastern Ukraine in 2014. ( More...

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James New 5
Was there two sides to the KAL007 tragedy? How long did Russia deny their responsibility for the murder of 269 passengers? What do the family of the 62 Americans murdered feel about MH-17 feel? Directing blame at Ukraine is just dead wrong.
Tim Dyck 2
The real question that has never been answered is why was a passenger jet flying over a war zone?
Kevin Keswick -2
That is a good question that has never been asked much less answered. Obviously the government in Kiev had a responsibility to divert all civilian aircraft from this known conflict zone but they didn't. It's almost as if the American puppets in Kiev wanted a civilian passenger jet with hundreds of innocents on board to be blown out of the sky so as to draw the west into greater conflict with Russia. I wonder if this was Victoria Nuland's idea? Someone should ask her. This didn't happen by accident. There are psychopaths who plan these things and a lot of them work for the State Department and CIA.
Michael Meyers 2
But, we were told for four years that Putin is our friend?
David Ingram 2
As they should, but they are never going tell the truth about what was happening in the air at that time around there and who they were really trying to hit.
Alan Glover 2
It remains to be seen if the ICC can be objective regarding the crimes of the Ukrainian government during this conflict.

There is no doubt that the larger responsibility for criminality falls upon the Russians and Putin but there are no angels in this conflict.
There is heavy propaganda on both sides.
strickerje 2
Well said. There are always two sides to every conflict, and rarely is it ever as simple as the good-vs-evil narrative that we're given.
Leander Williams 1
It has always been general knowledge that the Kremlin issued the instructions that caused the loss of MH17.
Kevin Keswick -1
This is a huge travesty of justice. All of the evidence pointed to Kiev being responsible for the downing of this aircraft. The serial number on the Buk missile was traced to a delivery from the former Soviet Union to Ukraine.

The families of the victims should be outraged that the guilty party - Ukraine - is getting off scot-free. Not only that but the Dutch along with the rest of Europe are supporting the murderers in Kiev!

We have seen in this war in Ukraine how the Kiev government resorts to one false-flag after another. The latest was firing missiles into Poland in an attempt to start WW3 but there have been many others before that including Zelensky firing missiles on a Ukraine train station killing scores of women and children.

Of course the United States not only ignores these war crimes it aids and abets these war crimes by giving the madman Zelensky billions of dollars.
wiregold 4
Yes, Ukrainians allied with Russia shot the jet down. that's been the the story from the beginning. Thanks for playing Boris.

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James New 3
Another vatnik.
Dale Hill 4
Donald, what facts do you have to support your allegations?

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Michael Dealey -3
You're repeating yourself and your brainwashing is showing. Newsflash: the cold war ended over 30 years ago. There are no "reds under the bed". Putin is not an idiot and would have no reason to shoot down a plane with NATO citizens on board.

You probably still believe Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, despite the truth of the matter being reported everywhere except the US mainstream media. When is the American public going to figure out that everything going on in Ukraine is being controlled and instigated by Western nations... and particularly the US?

Ukraine is just a proxy for the criminals running the United States and they've been trying to start WWIII with Russia for quite sometime. When overthrowing the Ukrainian government in early 2014 didn't do the trick, they resorted to this false flag in an attempt to garner more international support for action against Russia.

Then we have a missile launched into Poland, killing completely uninvolved, innocent people. It was instantly blamed on Russia with no proof at all. Now that we find out Ukraine was actually responsible, absolutely no one cares, especially the media. Everything is copacetic. Has Ukraine even apologized?

After the discovery (and ample documented proof) of the biolabs in Ukraine, together with the FTX money laundering debacle, you'd think the average American could put two and two together.
I guess they've become so reliant on CNN doing their thinking for them, they've lost all ability to think logically.

"We'll Know Our Disinformation Program is Complete When Everything The American Public Believes is False." - William Casey, CIA Director 1981
wiregold 3
Russia's Defense Ministry called Polish media reports "a deliberate provocation in order to escalate the situation."
Escalate the Russian invasion ... as if Russia is being portrayed falsely as the bad guy ...
Who invaded Ukraine again?
Michael Dealey -2
US intelligence agencies.
Under the direction of Obama.
Coordinated by Victoria Nuland.
With money from George Soros.

Keep watching CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. You'll appear even less informed.
Carlisle Landel 3
"You probably still believe Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014..."
Of course! Everybody with half a brain knows that those dastardly Ukrainians picked up the Crimean Peninsula and shoved it into Russia!
Michael Dealey 0
Crimea voted themselves out of Ukraine. What short memories people have.
Leander Williams 0
Were you there? When you make claims like that, you need to be able to prove your statement.


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