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Ryanair Calls Boeing Managers ‘Headless Chickens,’ Seeks Shakeup

Ryanair Holdings Plc Chief Executive Officer Michael O’Leary joined in industry criticism of Boeing Co.’s leadership, saying the company needs a shakeup as production snags afflict its three main jetliner models. ( More...

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mbrews 14
The Chickens Defense Fund says O’Leary’s comments are an insult to all Chickens. Even without heads, Chickens would make better decisions than Boeings head honchos. :)
bentwing60 10
Nail on the head mbrews and while O'Leary may not be the most 'popular' CEO in the Biz., I'd say its possible that his Boeing operating airline may report a greater net profit for the year than the Boeing Company that manufactures his airplanes, but can't deliver them.
John David 5
Outstanding my friend, and right on the money!
John Ku 2
I like chicken. They make good curries.
Bandrunner 2
O'Leary bang on, as usual.
Like him or loathe him, he's got a point.
andymbarnard 3
CEO buys aeroplanes from headless chickens. Then blames chickens.


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