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Some Passengers Providing Fake Negative COVID Results To Beat Air Travel Restrictions

Some travelers in the United Kingdom have resorted to faking negative COVID-19 test results as because of the difficulty of securing legitimate ones. ( More...

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some,not all,airlines do covid testing (the quicker saliva test,not as accurate)prior to allowing a passneger to board..buying and selling fake negative results defeats the entire purpose of testing people before they board an aircraft anywhere in the world,whether its london or one likes restrictions on what they consider to be "god granted" freedoms,but then again,not wearing a mask,not washing hands,and yes using fraudulent test results negates any and all ways of stopping the spread of covid until a vaccine is available..this is disgraceful,especially since the u,k has had a serious "uptake"of cases..

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braxtron 9
Quick/rapid tests (non-PCR) are horribly inaccurate. Better off flipping a coin, or asking a random stranger what they think.
Chuck Lavazzi 10
It's political because people like you prefer fake conspiracy narratives to science. There is zero evidence that "numbers are being manipulated," but you don't really need evidence do you?
bbabis 1
If you had read, I experienced the evidence first hand. False positives are still reported as positives to all the covid counters even if the same person tests negative the next day. No corrections are made to the positive number. Also, the same person who is actually positive and tests 4 times goes down as 4 new positive tests. It is also amazing that covid has singlehandedly wiped out the flu, hay fever, and even the common cold this season. Until reliable antibody testing becomes mainstream, we will never know how many truly had covid or were just told they did. Finally, of the covid deaths reported, only 6% have covid listed as the cause of death meaning if it wasn't for covid they'd still be alive. The other 94% died of something else and either tested positive for covid or were assumed to have covid before expiring.
agatoviy onix 2
вы сейчас тоже занимаетесь манипуляцией . Зачем вы это делаете?
Да в COVID есть политика, но и болезнь COVID также существует.
Не надо давать ложные чувства для граждан.
Tommy Boy 0
Некоторые люди где-то читают и хотят верить в это, поэтому они считают, что это факт без доказательств.
Это глупо.

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WhiteKnight77 6
People game the system all the time, no matter what it is about. It sounds like she needs to sit in an isolation cell for some time and then recieve a more accurate test.
Dave Hahn 2
Govt employees are protected from firing in most cases. At least that has been my experience
Larry Easton 0
Maybe it is more politics in your country, but in the rest of the world IT IS NOT. You called it ChinaFlu, so obviously we know who you support.
Dave Hahn 7
Well it did come from China. What about the Spanish flu. Or German measles
The Spanish flu originated in Kansas, USA, not Spain. Should we hold Kansas responsible for 650,000 deaths from the 1918 flu in the USA? Rather more important is the response of countries in dealing with the illness. I'm not sure where the German measles began, but measles was an epidemic that preceded the 1918 flu, and it is currently spread by certain groups currently in the USA for either religious or political reasons.
Dave Hahn 2
The first case in the US was found in Kansas at a military base. Experts don’t agree which country in Europe it came from but they do agree it probably didn’t come from the Iberian peninsula.
Tommy Boy 1
Rubella (Latin: little red) was common around the world but it was first described as a separate disease by German physicians in 1814. Hence GERMAN Measles.

But I call COVI-19 the Trump**Virus, so I can't complain about whatever someone else calls it.

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Went online to check why cdc has no sample of the virus. We are spending billions for a vaccine so the statement seems a wee bit odd have you a source that can be read on line? Odd thing to see on FlightAware.

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Thanks. I read the article and looked up Dr. Tom Cowan. I am afraid he isn't exactly main stream medicine. I am from the air traffic control community and therefore cannot really comment on the article you quoted but I can comment on my impression of anthroscopic medicine of which Dr. cowan is an advocate ... I will stick with the AMA. Good luck and I certainly hope COVID-19 is a hoax but I am 78 years old and will go with the main flow and wear a mask and wait for the bogus vaccine.
JR Lazar 5
If you are going to have testing as a requirement, then you need to provide a way for compliance. Rules like "you have to have symptoms to get a test" don't help healthy people that want to travel and have paid to do so.
SorenTwin 3
And i can become infected coming home from a CoVid test.
matt jensen 5
Disreputable travel agents in UK, selling fake or photoshopped negative tests for $150£
belzybob 3
It doesn't take much to work out who these travel agents are run by.
I have the correct letterhead....who needs a note? No problem. Plus, the entire premise is beyond flawed as well as useless
Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol Party?
RECOR10 14
Wait, does my Emotional Support ferret need a note too?
Jim DeTour 5
Here comes the companies doing the tests have to report results to a government agency so that a database can be made for airports to check before a person fly's. Anything for bigger government these days.
SorenTwin 4
This is human nature - it doesn't just happen in the airline industry, it happens everywhere.
If you have the $$, there is a way to game the system- any system. Ruins it for everyone else. But what does that matter when you get what you want, right? Sad attitude to have.

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Larry Easton 10
this is a sight that should have no political comments!!

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COVID. A man admitted to the hospital with two gunshot wounds to the chest and one to the head. Died of covid illness. True story. Chicago.
And so many more as well. We'll never know how many people were classified as a COVID death when they were not. Includes suicides as well. Auto accidents and so on. Everything in the US is political and it has gotten vicious.
Unless there is a valid test just prior to flying everything else fails the sanity check. There is no written document (x seconds/hours/days old) that can give you a "Get of Jail Free card" to travel. One second after you've taken the test you could contract Covid-19, so the negative test document proves nothing. The test should only be given to people who are experiencing symptoms to determine how to treat them. Then isolate SICK people not WELL people.
bbabis 3
Interesting point Robert. So I wonder if they say, "Your test shows you don't have covid. You have some other contagion such as the Flu, so jump on board!"
kamueladude 1
Hence the reason that Japan and other Asian countries have always had low rates of influenza and other airborne viral diseases. The Japanese in particular have always worn facial masks when they have the sniffles or feel otherwise contagious. Mask wearing will be more prevalent in the US even after Covid "ends", I predict.
WhiteKnight77 1
When you have people here in the US that do not get their kids the needed vaccines, I would not bet on an increase in the wearing of masks when people get the sniffles. The number of people who have measles parties has increased since the large outbreak that started at Disneyland some years ago. That should give you an idea on what people think of deadly infection diseases and viruses.
M20ExecDriver 1
Fake tests and a couple Tylenols,ready to board.
ken young 1
Why am I not surprised this is occurring.
Hugh Hindman 1
Bill Butler
Hope you don’t get it. So sad there are so many people that don’t understand science.
Dennis See 1
It's all about me!

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WhiteKnight77 1
Sadly, there are supposedly nice people who will do anything they want no matter how it affects others. To make matters worse, very few people are not guilty of such actions.

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Carl Spade -1
No huge surprise here. It was was the Brits & Europeans that brought Covid-19 to the USA. Then Trump's American followers spread it everywhere else. Caribbean countries are aware of fake test certs and test travelers on arrival. Fail the test and you are deported. Same is true in Democratic Hawaii.

Maybe now that Trump is finally leaving we will see Biden-Harris stamp out Covid-19 in the USA & we can all finally return to normal life.


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