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Denver International Airport the most stable of major U.S. airports

Denver International Airport is still feeling the pandemic pain of crashing travel numbers, but the nation’s fifth-busiest airport is outperforming others in terms of keeping its flight schedules stocked. ( Más...

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jptq63 3
Interesting write up and some info / data on study; wonder though, like the airlines, if any airport agency may start having financial issue with paying the bill. I.e. would think the airports depended upon not just landing fees and gate rentals, but also on the stores inside the airport to raise revenue to pay the building / up-keep of the airport. As such, what happens if an airport goes bust? Would a municipality with multiple airports shut one down and force airlines into only one airport for the city? Could this even be done? Dang to think of so many, in my view, negative thoughts, but I do think things like this have been anticipated in anyway, but now that the sh!t has hit the fan not thinking about how to best survive current situation and still anticipate better times in future not a good plan / management. Stinking our heads into a hole in the ground, unless looking for something there, will solve our current issues / situation.


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