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797. The Plane That Never Was.

In Ask the Pilot: The Plane That Never Was. Boeing's 797 Project Almost Sure to be Nixed in the Wake of COVID. ( More...

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Phil Knox 2
I like the idea of the 2-3-2 seating plan! No need to share the same row when the two of us are flying!
jcisuclones 2
Flew an America 767-300 a month ago with a 2-3-2 config. Unfortunately, those are in the desert now..
Edward Bardes 2
If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd have thought Boeing predicted just how many models they'd produce in their existence a long time ago.
Greg S 1
Greg S 2
Nice article, I too lament the demise of a potential new mid-size design. My main complaint is that, regardless of whether they build a new design or shrink the 787, Boeing is somehow unable to have a replacement for the 757. It's not like the 757 end-of-life caught them by surprise. I suppose they just thought a very efficient stretched 737 (i.e. the MAX) would take it's place.
ADXbear 1
Shame.. with gas prices so low.. the current desert stockpile like the 757s look alot more appealing..
Pete Templin 1
Call me optimistic, but the 797 (aka NBA or Next Boeing Airplane) will be the 737 replacement on a truly clean sheet design. 3+3 Economy and 2+2 seating up front, but with a better fuselage shape so there's more cargo room, better overheads, and...drum roll...more room for fuel. Give it a size bracket that starts at or slightly above the MAX8's seating capacity, and stretches out to halfway between the 752 and 753. Longer legs to suit the 752 and hence all of the cramping factors that have burdened the 737 (squirrel cheeks on the nacelles to hide the auxiliaries, engine placement challenges that drove Boeing to do MCAS). Done right, it gives them the upper hand on Airbus in the short-haul sector, long/thin sector, and nudges them to a place where their product family is 777/787/797, even if I do shed a tear that the 747 will go away (don't ruin my dream!) after the UPS frames are built (I swear Cargolux wants 40 more nose loaders before the line shuts down).

They already have type-rating commonality between 777 and 787. Could they extend it to 797 with a clean sheet design and create true fluidity across a fleet?
Rob Smith -2
There is no common type rating between the 787 and 777. Yes between the 767 and 757.
Pete Templin 2
Edward Bardes 0
Does this mean 777 pilots won't require simulator training to fly the 787 and vice versa?

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djames225 8
It's than, not then, B747 nor B-474. I suggest, in the future, if you wish to rake a writer over the coals, you pay heed with what you, yourself, write.
That being said, Airbus itself did not build the Concorde, Boeing was prototyping a supersonic, the 2707, but cancelled it in 1971. 49 years later and they are prototyping a supersonic model to be out in 2023-2024, the AS2
Viv Pike 5
Firstly, no, he is not a "professional writer". He is a pilot. Secondly, I have read this article a few times. I am English (not American). I cannot find much anything wrong with either his grammar, nor his sentence construction. (I do see two simple errors, probably just down to a typo). Pray do tell, what are all these grammatical and syntax errors that you find in this piece ?
Roy Hunte 3
I found more errors in his comment than in the article.
Greg S 3
It seems well-written to me. If I was *forced* to quibble then I'd complain about the number of comma-separated clauses.
George Lane 1
Patrick Smith is a pilot, but he's also the author of a New York Time best-selling book:


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