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El Al Boeing 787 struggled to lift off after 40t weight-data error

Israeli investigators have determined that a 40t weight error in take-off performance calculations caused an El Al Boeing 787-9 to struggle to become airborne from Tel Aviv. ( Más...

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Fuhndhu 1
Crosscheck. I'm a diver. When you're a novice, you think "what the hell, I know I've done it." It's only too late you find out that you haven't, and regret the few minutes crosscheck would have taken. If you haven't already died before you have time to regret.
Highflyer1950 2
Ah, crosscheck refers to the other crew member observing the inputs and agreeing.......We always compare the route shown with what is filed and expected. Never do a pos init by yourself and if you must crossfill FMS’s double check everything with the other pilot!
Fuhndhu 2
Same in diving. You have a "buddy". He checks you. You check him.i.e. "double check everything with the other pilot"

Highflyer1950 2
Thanks for the clarification. I initially understood your post to indicate you self check. cheers.
David Geden 1
Wot! No scale pad on the runway?
Highflyer1950 1
Never program a route or do a perf Init., by yourself or without a crosscheck. Don't skip a good departure briefing. To be off by 80,000 pounds(assuming pounds) for Pax, bags & cargo should click mentally that something is off for that many pax.
Cansojr 0
Pilots can make errors sometimes and you can actually see how these pilots do snags first, a sword with the former crew to check on performance issues. Next the FO OR FE
will do the external inspection. If you make a serious error in weight and balance it can lead to tragedies.
joel wiley 1
"see how these pilots do snags first, a sword with the former crew to check"
???? is your autocorrupt feature working overtime?


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