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Manufacturer had concerns about engine part that led to woman's death on Southwest flight

(CNN)The design of an engine fan blade that snapped on a Southwest flight in April, breaking an airplane window and partially sucking a woman out of it, has been a concern since the engine's earliest days, the manufacturer told investigators at a hearing Wednesday. The hearing before the National Transportation Safety Board and an NTSB report also revealed frightening new details about the chaotic scene aboard Flight 1380, when pilots heard a loud bang, wind roared into the cabin through… ( More...

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>>>>>Jennifer Riordan, the passenger whose head and torso were sucked out of the plane,<<<<<<<

And the purpose of this statement? Why not simply say the passenger Jennifer Riordan was partially sucked out of the plane.

Sadus 1
I guess trying to make people less scared by saying "she didn't get sucked out completely"?
Fred Mew -4
Article starts with CNN... that’s as far as I got. I do t believe the title either!


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