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White House: Privatized ATC System Should Be Funded By User Fees

Shortly following Monday's announcement by President Donald Trump about plans to privatize Air Traffic Control in the U.S., the White House released what it characterized as an overview of the President's "Principles for Reforming the U.S. Air Traffic Control System". According to the document, the system is intended to be funded entirely by user fees to be implemented over the next three years. ( More...

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N5827P 10
This would be a disaster for general aviation. The system would be controlled by and beneficial only to the airlines. With the current state of our elected officials it seems inevitable now.
Matt West 4
Should have dropped the word "Control" so the acronym could be PRATS...which is about what most of government is these days
bbabis 6
So basically, It looks like the plan is to raise the price of the hamburger trip to $200.
Brian James 4
the rich get richer and those of us who aren't pay their way. Shameful
Mark LaFlamme -4
Non-commercial users DO NOT PAY.....!!
N5827P 4
If you believe this then yuo can pay my fuel taxes. Where shall I send the bill?
cessnadog 2
Then where do my fuel taxes go?
J L 2
Look at Europe-Every pilot license sought is done so with 'untold number of missed approaches/Go-around-The reason is everytime a wheel touches the pavement there is a 'charge' for doing so. Every flight plan/sector you fly through has their hand out for a fee. If implemented, this will be the end of small GA aviation in this country as we know it....Of course the rich won't mind.....
Bryan Jensen 2
No Mr. President, user fees would destroy General Aviation. Please don't do this to us.
bashdan 3
Good luck on that one....
If they privatize atc then whatever tax is currently added to fuel to pay for it should be dropped. But we all know that won't happen. Undoing something implemented by government isn't realistic.
Dave Bell 5
This just means that more fees will be collected on top of the other fees. Our President should stop doing us favors because this is costing the small guys more money than the rich and we can't afford any more fees.
Dave Fisher 2
wow! you call him prez with a capital 'p'. are you sick of winning yet?
Where did you learn to read? "The aviation taxes that currently cover these costs should be sunset, except for those necessary to continue to fund the Airport Improvement Program. General fund revenues should fund the rest of the FAA."
joel wiley 3
When did you see 'taxes should be sunset' actually translate to 'taxes did sunset'?
How soon until we see the tweet "Who would have thought ATC privatization was so complex"?
The civil aviation system is already in a quandary over the lack of funding for updating equipment. This move would make our aviation system a disaster! Trump is out of control!
Jerry Johnson 1
Does anyone know what
GA would have to pay in relation to the airlines ????
Chris B 1
Duplicate thread.
bashdan 1
paste the link to the other thread...please.
bruce barton 1
When the smoke clears, there will be no government take over of the system....trump will see the light,and listen to reason. his 757 personal pilot will steer him clear! As they say in Germany ,Mach dich keine Sorgen! It is a mind game.
Dave Fisher 1
"trump will see the light and listen to reason."
are you on drugs or is delusional your normal state of mind?
bruce barton 1
Pardon me, there will be NO PRIVATIZATION of the system...not as written above!
George Gould 1
Your ADS-B will tell ATC when you fire up and taxi. Then the user fee is generated like a toll tag. A bullet for GA.
kevin perry 1
So much for general aviation and airline travel as we know it...
joel wiley 1
And this from an administration that has yet demonstrated an ability equivalent to running a 2 car funeral?
canuck44 0
This will be doable unless it is used as a piggy bank for government. NAVCanada has shown the way on this. The essential information is contained here:
djames225 -1
You think they will follow suit?..
canuck44 0
They didn't with Social Security or the Highway Trust Fund, but it can be made to work. NAVCanada by law cannot charge users more than their costs which of course includes interest on the debt which is essentially to government. I have no clue as to how the Europeans run theirs.
Highflyer1950 3
Good points. From experience I can tell you that Eurocontrol invoices on flights from Great Britain to Singapore for example would total into the thousands, not including overflight permissions (always at a cost) which at the time seemed like every 30 min you were over another country. Of course, the flight planner would add in the obligatory 10 - 15% for handling.
Ric Wernicke 0
There are some "enterprises" that only government must operate for the good of the society. The Army and the Post Office are mentioned in the Constitution, but ATC was an unknown need for the Founding Fathers & Betsy Ross.

The reason the USA has general aviation is because ATC is provided by government and paid for from the taxes on everyone. Even if you do not use GA, everyone benefits from its existence. Transportation helps everyone. Freedom of movement is a hallmark of our society.

Politicians need to do everything they can to encourage aviation. Ground based transport is saturated, slow, and unsafe compared to aviation. Only the elevator is safer than aircraft the way we make them.

Making ATC private will have no measurable benefit to Aviation. I do understand the desire of Pres. Trump to save money, but he could start by eliminating the tea tasting board, studies into why children fall off tricycles, and all the people 30 years from retirement that get payments from the social security administration instead of getting up and going to work.
Peter Maas -3
Putting it in a simple way. PUT the Military in to handle air traffic. In case of a national emergency the government will take over. Aircraft in civilian status may become aircraft used in a conflict and coordinate with Military Aircraft under ONE control.
Otherwise,civilians do not understand Military operations. Confusion will occur.
I am for MILITARY CONTROL and if more personnel is needed bring back the DRAFT.
Dave Fisher 2
"I am for MILITARY CONTROL and if more personnel is needed bring back the DRAFT."

whoa! i didn't know they allowed asylum inmates to post unmoderated comments...
Perhaps another way for the Illuminati to control.
Dave Fisher 1
you are in the wrong forum. go to
there you can wallow with like-minded loonies...

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djames225 6
Poor controllers???Perks??
bbabis 0
Overall controllers do a great job and are fairly compensated. Sometimes the system provides the wrong incentives for both pilots and controllers and I believe that is the problem with the privatized system.
djames225 2
Just curious as to what incentives controllers receive that differentiate them between government run and privatized...pilots too for that matter.
bbabis 2
As an example: In a user fee per contact system a controller may have an incentive to over control or give routing that provided more income due to required contacts. A pilot may have an incentive to skip using the system and its safety in an effort to save money. If its cha-ching every time you check the weather, file a flight plan, key the mic... there will be less of it.
Frank Harvey 3
In a privatized system you may want to visit the Tower before each departure to "check your flight plan" with the Supervisor and have a couple of twenties in the documentation you hand him to review.

This could be called a "Nigerian System", or Dash, and could save you a great deal of time and fuel as it ensures you get the Controllers' immediate attention and positive responses when you call for engine start, route readback etc and expedites taxi and takeoff clearances.

Each time you return to your home field you again visit the Tower to thank them in a similar fashion which ensures priority for your next landing while traffic ahead of you gets to experience a holding pattern.

If you're running the FBO or other such facility you may want to hold regular "Thank You" parties for the local Controllers (but not their wives or girlfriends) during the year at which you'll provide copious quantities of adult beverages, adult entertainment and (insert slang for small fighter a/c which hooked on below large US Navy dirigibles in the 1930's).

This ensures everyone is happy and your operations run smoothly.
Highflyer1950 1
I believe you are referring to normal ops in India, Africa and Pakistan, the rest of the world, not so much.
Frank Harvey 2
Thanks Highflyer, I had thought this was limited to places like Nigeria, I didn't realize it also applied in the sub-continent.


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