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The world's first Boeing 747 gets a much-needed makeover

SEATTLE -- After years of falling into disrepair, the world's first Boeing 747 has finally received some much-needed tender love and care. ( More...

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Air New Zealand has shed their last B747-400.
Kurt Anderson 1
Yes, it will be a sad day when they go. I saw the first one to land at JFK in NY. I was working as a mechanic at Lockheed AS at the time. Most of that airport came almost to a stop. That bird looked like it was just floating down. What a beautiful sight.
Tony Martin 3
I am glad to see that they are restoring the old girl. I took care of its emergency equipment for flight test when I worked as a project engineer on th 747 program . I was also at Everett field for its first take off and I will never forget the thrill and the pride in what the Incredibles had done . I shall visit the airplane next time I am in Seattle .
John Garduno 2
I remember flying from San Antonio Texas to Montreal Canada, in the early 70s, with my parents at the time they told me that this is a first flight for the type of aircraft, what a thrill. I can still remember it, i am 50, now.
s2v8377 2
The 747 is still one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built.
Yes, Sebastian, it is. So sad to see them being phased out!
Jon Bergholtz 2
I remember my first 747 flight in 1974 with BOAC between London and Nairobi, it was a fantastic experience, that must have been one of the early models,
skylloyd 2
I spent many days on this old during my career at Boeing. Most of the other guys are gone.
I remember when Pan Am flew the first 747 into KORD!! I worked in Elk Grove Village and all the TV stations showed it coming in!!!! Gorgeous bird!!! Definitely one of the 10 best planes of the 20th century!!!!!!!!
sparkie624 1
Very nice.. Thanks for sharing...
Roger Hallett 1
Was in Seattle for an air show a few years ago (for the launch of the B777). The old prototype 747-100 was a sorry sight then! Good thing it is being restored. Well done Boeing.
Kurt Anderson 1
I am now 67. The first time I flew on one was about 10 yrs. ago from LA to Heathrow London. About 10 hrs. and then on a smaller one up to Scotland for my daughters wedding. A long ride but so comfortable. The same thing on the way home but longer because of bucking the trades and a few minor problems before pushback, A total of about 15 hrs. I hope I have another chance before I'm history. If you ever fly on one go for a bulkhead seat, much more leg room.

Love it ! Have to make a trip back to see it finished - just beautiful ;)
Jon Bergholtz 1
Another memorable flight I did with this fabulous plane was with Wardair between London Gatwick to Vancouver, the jumbo was superb and so was the service! Also with Air New Zealand from Gatwick to Auckland via Los Angeles and Honolulu --wasn't that the longest worldwide 747 route? Does anyone know?
We were allowed on the aircraft last year before interior/exterior restoration. As a member of the museum we were called to a members only tour. Real neat to see the test interior of the aircraft with all the test equipment AND a bungee tied down coffee pot on a hotplate! After all, they did have to keep the test engineers awake somehow. This aircraft was also used as the test bed for the KC tanker program flying boom. I have photos from the aircraft parked years ago with the concrete counter weights hanging where the engines used to be. Very sad to see at the time and congratulation to the staff at the museum for restoring this historic aircraft.
Can I just ask, are most of the planes at the museum just for viewing from afar, or are they able to be boarded? Thanks :)
Dave Frandin 1
I was in the Army stationed at Fort Hood Texas in late 1971. I was on leave and bought a ticket on Delta to go home to San Diego. I drove to Dallas and tried to catch a Delta flight home, but since I was traveling on a military space-available ticket (was a whole $97/roundtrip) AND this was the 4th of July weekend, I never was able to get on a flight.. Finally about 10pm, I go to the Delta counter and ask if they have any more flights before tommorow, as I really didn't want to sleep in the terminal.. Agent said they had one more, at 1am, coming from Atlanta, with a stop in Dallas and on to LA.. He said he guaranteed I'd get on it.. Come 12:30am, they announce the flight to LA and it turns out to be a brand spanking new 747.. Yes, I got on the flight.. I'd certainly HOPE I would since there was ... wait for it.. Only 20 passengers on the damn flight.. 10 cabin crew and 20 passengers.. We were all bumped up to 1st class, and I kinda flowed off the plane in LA.. First AND last time I ever managed to catch a 747..
A beautiful lady!!!


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