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Asiana Boeing 767 crew suspended for one month

An Asiana Boeing 767-300, registration HL7514 performing flight OZ-603 from Seoul (South Korea) to Saipan,MP (USA), was enroute at FL350 over the East China Sea when the aircraft encountered problems with one of the engines (CF6). The crew decided to continue to Saipan on the Northern Mariana Islands (north of Guam), maintained FL350 and landed the aircraft safely in Saipan about 3 hours later. South Korea's Ministry of Transport reported that according to regulations concerning the failure… ( Más...

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biz jets 1
Didn't really supply any information???, a crew suspended for continuing a flight, with an unknown problem????

Aircraft maintained altitude - so both engines were operating - maybe one had some serious issues?
Ralph Addison 1
I continue to wonder about the flying competence of the flight crews in all of Asia.

MH370 0
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Asiana B767 crew grounded after flying on one engine

South Korean regulators are investigating Asiana Airlines following a 19 April incident in which the crew of a Boeing 767-300 aircraft did not divert after they observed a warning with the aircraft’s port-side engine.

One hour into a Seoul Incheon-Saipan flight, the crew observed a warning light relating to one of the aircraft’s two General Electric CF6 engines, says a statement from South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.


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