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Scott Carpenter, Mercury Astronaut Who Orbited Earth, Dies at 88

M. Scott Carpenter, whose flight into space in 1962 as the second American to orbit the Earth was marred by technical glitches and ended with the nation waiting anxiously to see if he had survived a landing far from the target site, died on Thursday in Denver. He was 88 and one of the last two surviving astronauts of America’s original space program, Project Mercury. ( Más...

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Ric Wernicke 10
Godspeed Scott Carpenter. You and your six fellow Mercury Astronauts heroically took the first steps into space. You set an example for all Americans, and are an inspiration to all in aviation.
Curt Carlson 3
God Speed Scott Carpenter
Gary Butt 2
These guys are my all time heroes, very brave pioneers.
kev wu 2
R.I.P Scott Carpenter
kx35n1 2
MAY THE LORD RIDE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY! Thank You for All you did while you were hear on Earth. GOD SPEED Scott Carpenter.
matt jensen 2
RIP Scott. You will be missed.
Tom Kennedy 1
Just wanted to add my own farewell to a hero, one of the 'Right Stuff' guys. RIP Lt. Col. Carpenter!
Josh III 1
Here we are 51 years after Commander Capenter's historic flight. Manned space craft still have re-entry and rendezvous glitches. See a recount of a Soyuz re-entry with an American astronaut in 2008:

"There was an elephant in the room, and it was sitting on their chests. For astronauts Yuri Malenchenko of Russia, Peggy Whitson of the United States, and Yi So-yeon of South Korea, that’s about how it felt on Saturday, April 19, 2008, as the trio endured more than eight Gs during reentry from orbit. At 25 times the speed of sound, their Soyuz capsule plowed bluntly into the upper reaches of the atmosphere like a stone into water. The air pushed back, slowing the vehicle and pressing the occupants steadily harder into their seats. Meanwhile, air molecules scraped across the exterior of the Soyuz and heated it to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit."

Space flight is IFR all the way. Its a wonder there aren't more glitches than there are.

God Speed Commander Capenter

Ken Huffine 1
God Bless...May you still be accelerating.
smoki 1
Space flight may have become "old hat" according to Carpenter but it obviously still has enormous risks. Like aerodynamic flight the launch/takeoff and recovery/landing phases remain the most risky as demonstrated on the two fatal shuttle flights not to mention the age old problem of complacency which lies at the heart of the cause for not only both of those accidents but the Apollo Command Module ground fire on the pad at Cape Canaveral January 1967.

Gus Grissom had discussed in private with his fellow astronauts that the Apollo Capsule was dangerous but when urged to pass that on to the NASA heirarchy he replied: "If I do that, they'll fire me." Ironically he was prophetic in how the design deficiencies would ultimately be revealed. That notwithstanding, the Saturn Five Multistage Rocket of the Apollo Program remains the most cost efficient and safest launch system NASA ever produced. Also, unlike the Shuttle, it had an escape system for launches. Like the pioneers of old, the Mercury Seven blazed a trail for others to follow. The 60s were memorable days in U.S. space exploration.
john cook 1
Blue sky's Commander Carpenter
It is totally unfair that the press retains year after year the Christopher Kraft version about Carpenter's reentry issues, as if he had "screwed up" the mission, which is way far from truth... Mr Kraft just wanted to forward his little person as the boss although he actually wasn't ....
harm buning 1
He's a true hero. Rest in peace, sir.


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