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FAA begins testing new lead-free fuel for GA prop planes

GA combustion engines looking to go green, new fuels being tested at FAA Tech Center at ACY. ( Más...

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preacher1 1
Well, unleaded fuel for automobiles and new car models that burnt it started coming out in the early 70's. As most vehichels would trade out or blow up after about a 10 year cycle, it was really no problem when the absolute ban came around in 1995. They will come up with something for new AC that will work but the older aircraft will have a lot longer life cycle than a car. I must also say the Sierra Club guy is a total dummy for the following quote "Before planes land they dump excess fuel to prevent fire in case of a crash landing." At.14% of total fuel users, that is the kind of reasoning we are up against. A Non problem is being made into one.
Gas engine technology in GA planes hasn't advanced hardly at all. Partly because the market is small and the couple of manufacturers keep getting sued and paying out obnoxious amounts of money. The engines are pretty junky by automotive standards. No matter the solution there will have to be a phase in period. It very well could require engine replacement, especially if the answer is diesel instead of gas. The Sierra club needs to get their sierra together. Lol


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