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China’s First A380 Joins China Southern Airlines

A380 arriving in Beijing on Saturday October 15, 2011 China Southern Airlines, China’s largest airline, became the seventh airline to begin operating the Airbus A380 superjumbo when A380 #B6136 arrived at Capital International Beijing Airport on Saturday. The new A380 offers eight private cabins in first class, 70 flatbed seats in business class and 428 seats in economy. The first of five A380s ordered by China Southern, it was to begin services between Beijing and China Southern’s main hub of… ( More...

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canuck44 0
China Southern is based in Guangzhou which is about 80 miles and one hour and half from Kowloon by train. A single A380 can make two or three round trips per day to PEK and will probably be quite efficient at it. (About 1200 miles). The route might even sustain a second aircraft, but they lose the advantage of long range flights.

After that what to do with them? CAN-LAX as the Skyteam member, but they still have a geography problem...too near HKG with its well developed system of international connections.
Go china GO A380!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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