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Flight Crew Attacked by 2 Men in Miami while plane was taxing to depart

I thought this was comical once I realized everyone was ok. ::"Crew members of an American Airlines flight taxing in Miami where assaulted by passengers. A Flight attendant noticed a passenger was not complying by fastening his seatbelt and altered the captain who turned the plane around and went back to the gate." ( Más...

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Toby Sharp 0
just buckle your seat belt your jackass. what is the matter with people. poor pilot. gah i bet he was pissed that he couldn't swing back since he was on the clock and in uniform
Milton Bagby 0
Too bad these people could not just be barred (for life) from air travel in or out of the USA!
Milton Bagby 0
Too bad these people could not just be barred for life from flying into or out of the USA!
pdixonj 0
Actually Milton, they can be banned. The government can ban a person from traveling to the U.S., ban them from commercial airlines altogether, or an individual airline can bar a person from ever flying on that airline again. In this case, it's likely that these two will be banned from traveling on any commercial airline in the U.S., assuming they don't get sent to prison first.
Top of "NO FLY" list, if that is ever checked, but after a long prison term. Maybe a profiler may have noticed something at checkin? These types usually have a "vibe" or a least some consistency in their behaviour that is probably recognizable. Oh I forgot that's illegal - sorry.
preacher1 0
Well, to boot, the first to charges are FEDERAL so there is no parole eligibility and the judges don't have any leeway on sentencing, I don't think. They in trouble.
Toby Sharp 0
they in trouble bad! 2 FEDERAL FELONIES. .......they will have sometime to think about how hard that was to buckle that seat belt. morons
aquia201 0
You know, I worry about this frequently because my son is a flight attendant with a U.S. major airline. (I won't mention the Airline).However my son is one who will fully defend himself,other flight attendants and the passengers onboard the aircraft. He is now 26 years old and extremely fit. This is in addition to the fact that he has had sincere training and displine in the defensive arts since a young boy. My concern is in the event of a similar circumstance would his airline fully support him if he had to bring major pain to the attackers.
FedExCargoPilot 0
How come the pilot was not armed with a rifle or something when escorting the passenger for protection? I didn't know pilots were even allowed to leave their station to take care of an aggressive passenger! Isn't it usually the TSA? So much for the scanners...
did they go in the cockpit
aquia201 0
My point exactly aetty, at that moment there would have been no way my son could determine whether or not if cockpit entry was the intent. This is why a guy with my son's defensive capabilities should have the airlines full support if something of this nature were to occur on a flight he is working.
racinron 0
I'm surprised the other passengers didn't beat the heck out of the two idiots. THey delayed how many people?
aquia201 0
(racinron) I agree with you 100%.
alistairm 0
I am sure the pilot is allowed to defend himself. He may not have swung back perhaps because he thought better of it. But i doubt a pilot would be fired for defending himself. I think the aircrew or at least the pilot, should have a stun gun/taser. Though, don't advertise it. Surprise the a-holes with a couple of thousand volts!!!
Why did the crew have to take the responsibility of unloading the idiots? Was there not time to call the gate and ask for cops?

I really worry where we are headed as a nation when our level of personal conduct has become so slimy. I think Airbus is an appropriate name for travelers today.
Jimmy Reekes 0
@aquia, is your son a member of a flight attendant union? If he is and the airline wouldn't back him although they should, the union would. If he isn't I would recommend he join one. I know a lot of people hate unions but the airline industry is one where they are needed. @FedExCargoPilot, TSA just screens bags. The flight and cabin crew as well as the gate agents are the ones who have to deal with the passengers. If a passenger get too unruly the security and the cops are called. Pilots are not allowed to leave their station to deal with a passenger unless the plane is parked at the gate and how would the pilot get his hands on a rifle?
@SWEATINTHESWAMP, the police were called but in this type of situation it was in the best interest of safety for the rest of the passengers and crew to get this guy off the plane ASAP.
aquia201 0
(PA28Aviator), No he is not a member of a Flight attendant union. But now that you mention it , I will talk to him about that. Because knowing him if faced with that type situation, he would without hesitation act to protect himself and others. He would no doubt need full support of a union more than likely. Thanks for the advice.
Paul Claxon 0
I carry a small aluminum ball bat with me !
Gene spanos 0
Ah yes......booze will do that in a person!
Civilians......get back in line POS>
Robert Van Dyke 0
one word

Mike Sulkowski 0
FedExCargoPilot: I'm pretty sure the scanners don't scan for stupidity.
euronorb 0
No mention of names......sounds like 2 more members from the "religion (Ideology) of peace" to me.
sparkie624 0
If they are stopped on the ground, they can leave there seat, but must notify ATC Prior that there is an issue. People like that are just IDIOTS. He deserves what he gets, and probably more.
mmcburney 0
Here's the details....
Matt Comerford 0
euronorb, their names were Luis and Jonathan Baez, sounds like two catholic christian latinos to me! but of course, why not vilify muslims, i get it! you must be a peaceful christian yourself!


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