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TSA Agent Caught With Passenger's iPad in His Pants; Allegedly Took $50,000 in Other Goods, Cops Say

The cops say Santiago would immediately take pictures of his new goods and upload the photos online to sell the stuff. Santiago would typically sell the stolen goods to people before his shift was even over, police say. BSO detectives estimate that Santiago's haul totaled $50,000 over the past six months. ( Más...

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Michael Fuquay 0
While my heart goes out to all the victims of these crimes, I can't help but be confirmed of my feelings for TSA.

May all the corrupt agents rot in prison!
n111ma 0
As we say in Brooklyn...." this guy is a real piece of @#$% "
preacher1 0
You know, regardless of the general feeling about the TSA, it's guys like this that just make it hard on the rest of the honest, hard working stiffs out there trying to do a job.
brian wright 0
as far as I'm concerned, they are all hamburger flipper rejects. Government exists so retards can form a union and get jobs.
kevin swiss 0
the great thing about this... now TSA are government employees so its a federal crime!!
joe milazzo 0
How is it that the agency that is charge of screening hundreds of thousands of passengers on a weekly basis can't even properly screen their own prospective employees?
These people need to be held to a higher standard then you or I. If they are caught stealing from passengers or abusing their powers the punishment should be doubled.
If the punishment for grand theft is a maximum of 10 years in prison, it should be 20 years for them.
Milton Bagby 0
Maybe somebody can fly the hamburger flipper guy out to his one man island.
dmanuel 0
Do you think it's a good idea to use the full-body screeners, on TSA personnel, as they leave their post, to detect hidden items?
Greg Anderson 0
What next. TSA needs to just go away, have customs agents screen everyone. At least they are sworn Law Enforcment Officers, not some Wackenhut reject.
alistairm 0
It's good that he got caught. Book him Danno! To say that they are all "...hamburger flipper rejects." is a bit of a generalization. I am sure many of them do only have a high school diploma. Though, i am sure many are going to school to get that next degree or already do have a higher education degree. It really bothers me when people put themselves up on a pedestal and look down on people who may not have the most glamouros jobs. They are all doing a job, just like you and i. Most do it better then the rest. But, in the end, it is a job. Anyone with a decent job these days, should not take it for granted and we should not take them for granted. Yes, this is directed at you Brian Wright. Do you look upon postal workers, garbage collectors or sanitary workers the same way? Why don't you ask yourself what you would do without the people who do the dirty work? Think about it before you go off and call people retards. I see in your profile that you hold a private pilots license; therefore, you must be somewhat intelligent. Suggestion: use some of that intelligence and don't be a retard yourself.
Mike Hill 0
I agree with dmanuel. Where I am employed, random searches are in place as we leave. I know of nobody there that has been searched, but at least it is somewhat of a deterrent. In 2002, I visited my girlfriend in Texas. She and I made some items for my grandchildren and I purchased some things for my friends at home. My luggage was light when I got home, home made items and bought items were missing. In my view, everyone who works for an airline, and has contact with passengers luggage should be open to search as they leave work.
preacher1 0
Well said, Alistair
Jared Maurtua 0
Freakin' TSA
Michael Nissen 0
Tsa has been a scam from the begaining. It was a great way to impress the public with how great the government cpuld react to a crisis. What a bummer. If your car stops running and you pull over you don't go back and open the trunk, unless it is a VW beetle. That is what theynhave been doing all along. Just yesterday some genieus came up with the idea that maybe the terrorist would implant bombs in their people. While that may be true, why is it that it now is a world wide piece of information whoever might not have thought of it now has a new way to plot a new game. Smart right???
andy streit 0
Has anyone else ever noticed that TSA gets to bypass their own screening procedures (ie: body scanner, metal detector) to go to their work station. If agents steal items from passengers luggage, whats to say they won't go plant a bomb in someones luggage or on the plane?
Craig Harris 0
More bad publicity for the TSA. I hope it keeps coming so the public will demand their abolishment. Personally I'd rather take my chances with terrorists than to deal with TSA every time I fly.
airlineplt 0
Criminals are being asked to scrutinize us but who is scrutinizing them?
aaronavtr Graham 0
TSA- "Theiving Security Agents"
They never cease to amaze do they? Sure makes me feel safer.
mark tufts 0
i hope that guy gets the maximum sentence plus 5 more for what he did and have borser angets on hand to search the tsa personial
Robert Curley 0
The TSA was never about airline security. It was always about unionized federal workers. I.E. Democrat voters.
russ harris 0
Having had stuff stolen at LAX and MCO, it's pretty irritating to speak with
the TSA head sled dog and comes off with a Sargent Schultz, "I know nothing."
TSA employees should be bonded so there is some recompense when stuff is stolen; just like the rest of the world.
Michael Nissen 0
I too was a victom of fed robbery. I lost a small computor that I put in my checkin luggage in SJU. They check this without your supervision at the counter and it is sent to the airline to load. When I got home and opened my bg it was missing. I contacted the little airline and they said contact TSA. I was advised I shouldn't put anything of value in my checked luggage. This the best answer they came up with. Thank god they made me feel safe.
Mike Lacher 0
It doesn't matter who this guy works for or what his job is, he is just another crook stealing other people's property.
Brian McNeil 0
It is getting to a point that there needs to be a undercover cop watching the TSA 24/7 365
preacher1 0
Karl Schneider: that's kinda like the pot calling the kettle black. Not everyone cares for your language, and besides that, as far as the comment above, I have to agree with him. You must be one of those union democrat lambs being led to the slaughter by the Messiah.
Michael Nissen 0
Karl Schneider Must work for the TSA. What a Loser using such language.I also am against unions especialy in the Gov. Gov. employees are payed 40% more than the counter part jobs in the private sector. We have to compete daily or lose our jobs. Gov jobs are like ironclad security. It sucks and that is why we are in the financial position that we are today.


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