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JetBlue Launches Hostile Takeover Bid to Acquire Spirit Airlines

Yet another twist occurred this morning when JetBlue launched a hostile takeover bid to win back Spirit from Frontier Airlines. JetBlue is now offering $30 per share, significantly more than its ultra-low-cost rival, and claims a deal offering $33 per share is still a possibility. ( Más...

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patrick baker 4
this on its face is a classic mismatch of service culture and non service culture companies. Habitual jetblue customers would rebel at the seating layouts on formerly spirit planes, or Jetblue would have to spend loads of cash to turn sprit airliners into aircraft fit for human utilization. Spirit cabin crew would have to learn what better inflight service means and how to deliver that service consistently. Jetblue would get lots of airliners with the deal, lots of leftover seats in the process of refitting interiors, hundreds of employees unversed in jetblue-level delivery in reservations, baggage handling, food service, drink service, to add just the obvious. Jetblue's customers and management would not be satisfied if the combined company sank to the level of Spirit airlines, one of my least favorite airline enterprises. Spirit's color scheme reminds of little chickens, voicing "cheep, cheep, cheep" as little yellow birds are known to do.
Mark Kortum 3
Please Don't hold back on your thoughts.
patrick baker 1
i can go slower if you need me to.
Floyd Taber 1
JetBlue ain’t getting much except a bunch of trash. Lackluster service, I understand the no frills. But Spirit has no clue how to run a latrine, let alone an airline.
if this takeover occurs, it will make for a very large ill run ccompany,with even worse customer service and on time scheduling..we shall see...
Mike Laird 1
I think Spirit is rejecting the JB offer because Spirit management is going to be shown the door if JB takes over. The FAs and pilots would probably far rather be flying for an airline that cares about its passengers, so I expect they'd be happy to step up to JB levels of service. It's going to be an interesting story no matter what happens though.


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