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Saying goodbye to the Buffalo

For pilots, crew, and maintenance personnel, the aircraft they fly or work on, becomes almost like a child. They get it ready to go in the morning, discover its quirks and learn how to get the very best performance out of it. Then, when all is done for the day, they get it ready for the night. They can move on, working with and flying other aircraft, but they remember each one. But what happens when not just one, but every one of a specific kind of aircraft are retired from the Royal Canadian… ( Más...

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davidbeachmd 4
Subsequent stories about the Buffalo history in the RCAF are posted on the RCAF News page at

There are a couple of new articles since this original article was posted.
Tim Dyck 4
Considering it’s abilities one has to wonder if it was a good idea to retire this aircraft. Will the C295W be able to perform the duties the Buffalo did so well? I guess time will tell.

lynx318 1
FOR SALE Good quality workhorses, well maintained and cared for. Will do well in a private freight service.


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