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Tuskegee airman dies at 102

Charles McGee, vetran of 6,308 flying hours sucomes after a noted service record ( Más...

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Gustavo Vega 9
Definitely America lost a hero.
Ken Lane 6
Rest in peace, Sir. You are a hero and among the best of the best as true aviators.
gil graham 4
Wow - 409 combat missions! Think about that incredible record of experience. He must have been one of the best to survive that long in that environment. Charles McGee - Hero indeed.
Juan Jimenez 3
Dang, and I just met him at OSH just a few months ago!
louie beard 3
He is what we call a true hero. Thank God for men like him. Rest in peace...
Don Tebbs 2
A true patriot. Deserved every award that was bestowed on him and much more. One of the greatest among us.
I have seen documentaries outlining some of his exploits and everything that they said African-Americans couldn't do in wartime was proven wrong by the Tuskegee airmen. His appointment to Brigadier should not have been honorary, in my opinion. He EARNED that rank.
Duncan Hopkins 1
Succumbs; more correctly:succumbed. Please respect the man and proofread your copy BEFORE publishing. And yeah, I’m a Boomer. What’s it to ya?


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