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Alaskan Seaplanes Aircraft Crashes on Takeoff

The Alaskan Seaplanes aircraft had six people on board – five passengers and a pilot. The flight was from Juneau International Airport to Skagway. ( Más...

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Dan Chiasson 2
Lots of words, no real news. Typical Fox, and dare I say FightAware noise that should not have made it to the site. Nothing to report here, let's move on.
James Bongard 1
Thankful everyone is ok.
I refuse to turn off my ad blocker for Fox. Too bad they can't just report the news (if they ever really report the truth)!
dee9bee 11
My ad blocker had no problem. You didn't miss much. There was an "issue" during takeoff and the Pilot immediately put the Caravan back on the runway. Some damage to aircraft, no injuries.

As to your Fox comment, all cable news is pretty useless nowadays, in my opinion...
bentwing60 3
Learn how to properly utilize your browser ad block functions and you might solve some of the Fox or whomever problems. Ad loaded sites with videos or games routinely block Firefox, Brave or more esoteric browsers for doin' what some of us opt in for!
actually, I don't want to waste my time with Fox Noise.
bentwing60 8
actually, my response didn't address your fox aversion, only your computer skills.
Bill Butler 1


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