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Airlines Greatly Increasing Safety Ahead of Presidential Inauguration

After the violence at the Capitol last week, airlines are taking action to ensure the safety of the presidential inauguration on Wednesday, January 20. Given the threat of additional violence or armed protests, the FBI and TSA are working with airlines to increase security procedures on flights to and from Washington, DC. Overall, this level of security is unprecedented and has not been seen since the months immediately after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. ( Más...

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Goes great with the barbed wire fences and thousands of National Guard Troops!
Paul Miller -3
Thank Goodness that the Airlines are stamping down on these rowdy idiots who seems to feel that ONLY THEY have the right to be herd and to disrupt other's on the same flights as them ? I sit back now and wonder just when did all of this start ? as I never ever felt that just one man in a position of great power could stir up so much hatred and upset in our Beautiful Country.


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