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Qantas Unhappy With Airbus And Boeing’s Project Sunrise Offers

It may not be day five thousand four hundred and eighty six in the Project Sunrise saga, but it sure feels like it. Reports in Australian media today have Qantas knocking back both offers from Boeing and Airbus, asking for a better price and more comprehensive guarantees and conditions. A report in The Sydney Morning Herald has Qantas saying no to the best and final Project Sunrise offers submitted by both Airbus and Boeing in June 2019. Qantas International Chief Executive Tino La Spina says… ( Más...

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airuphere 1
Ok then design your own Qantas?! Lol.. doubt they’ll do a clean sheet for 20 airframes that match your specs and another 100 for these crazy long flights. Adapt your routes as you’ve always done.
rapidwolve 1
A thot...while Alan Joyce sits on laurels with the 2 publicity "test" flights so far, and thinking he's in charge, Paul Scurrah and Virgin Australia quietly plan out the London-Sydney and London-Auckland routes using an A350-1000ULR, outfitted for ULH
patrick baker -1
qantas may indeed be unhappy with the offers from the aircraft manufacturers, but given human endurance (20 hours nearly captive in an uncomfortable airline seat) and the performance/payload compromises from Airbus 350 and the as yet not flying 777 next generation, this may be one equation that has no profitable or practical solution. REduction in seating, restrictions on cargo are certainly in play here, then the airfares will correspondly have to rise. The proposition just may not make sense, so at this time, such a compromise aircraft does not make sense to all parties. Quantas may want some airliner to fit its square peg into a round hole.


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