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Lion Air CEO says possible will cancel Boeing 737 MAX orders

The airline has 190 Boeing jets worth $22 billion at list prices waiting to be delivered, on top of 197 already taken, making it one of the largest U.S. export customers. ( Más...

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patrick baker 1
Maybe it is best Lion Air does not take more boeing aircraft, or even no more airbus aircraft as replacement for the 190 737's on order. Lion Air does not do a good job of flying aircraft, either from a maintenance point of view or as a piloting point of view. This airline no longer get the benefit of the doubt when the next incident occurs in the court of public opinion strictly based on their history.
linbb 0
Well lets see one set of pilots knew what to do the others didn't. Mechanics did not prove they had fixed anything and they blame who? Get real second or third rate airline trying to blame someone else.
william baker 0
Well let’s see from your comment. Can I blame you too for not fixing the plane too. That’s all there doing blaming Boeing and saying it was there fault and not there own. This is kinda just a gag to place blame and get s lower price on there other jets.


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