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Why planes don’t want to share airspace with A380s

THE world’s biggest passenger planes may get more room in the skies to improve safety for other aircraft after a terrifying wake turbulence drama. Germany’s Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (BFU) has strongly recommended an “urgent review” of spacing between heavy aircraft and smaller jets after a dramatic midair incident involving a Sydney-bound Emirates A380 and a Bombardier Challenger jet in January. ( Más...

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Bill Babis 3
As ADS-B comes into effect the problem will be somewhat mitigated. A pilot can be more aware of the position and track of surrounding aircraft and the possibility of encountering a wake. To make it even easier and to save ATC calls adding the aircraft type, particularly for heavies, to the ID tag would be a great idea.
Martin Haisman 3
Good call and use for satellite ADS
Highflyer1950 2
I like the idea of an id tag, then one could look at the upper wind direction and do a small offset upwind.
Highflyer1950 -4
Here is a fix: keep 'em at FL280 or restrict them to random routes.
Martin Dennett 3
Did you hit every branch in the stupid tree on your way down?
matt jensen 1
Try FL390
Martin Haisman 1
Nice try but at a standard load and density altitude (Full passenger/load or two Arabs and their luggage) that big bum only hits about a cruise of 35,000. Best suggestion yet is ADS satellite separation.


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