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American Airlines to Remove Dash 8-100s in November

American Airlines will remove the Bombardier Dash 8-100 from its regional fleet in November, ending a more than three-decade run for the type in the feeder fleets of the carrier and its predecessors. ( Más...

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Richard Sucher 2
The legroom of seat 9D...
Jack Carson 1
Can't even guess the number of miles I flew in a Dash 8-100 through out the Caribbean. LIAT had both 100's and 200's for many years. They have now changed their fleet to ATR's.
paul trubits 1
RIP to the paint shakers!. The KSBY to KPHL flight is short enough to be tolerable. The flight to KCLT is not much fun until they get to altitude. They are fun to watch when they fly over my house though. I am 3nm from KSBY.
blueashflyer 0
I'd buy one for a dollar


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