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Airbus’ most popular aircraft takes to the skies with 100% sustainable aviation fuel

An A321neo took off today from Airbus’ headquarters in Toulouse, France with both of its engines powered by 100% unblended SAF. Since the end of February, the aircraft is being closely followed by a data-collecting aeroplane with the mission to gather information on the non-CO2 emissions and the creation of contrails. ( More...

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matt jensen 5
Does the exhaust smell like french fries?
Emil Lesner 1
Let's hope so.
bentwing60 7
let me know when they can refuel in Rwanda with SAF
godutch 5
The single pilot/crewmember they propose can hand pump it themselves...LOL
Michael Stansfield 6
How much does SAF cost compared to Jet-A1? Does SAF produce the same fuel economy as Jet-A1? Don't hate me for asking, I'm asking for a friend. ;-)
vermaas 0
Right now, SAF is about double the price of Jet A1 but the fuel economy is about the same. With further development, and particularly if there were to be a carbon tax of sorts, there could easily be price parity or an economic advantage to SAF, so many entities (airlines, Department of Defense, oil companies) are seriously looking into it.
Jackson Franco 0
Ridiculous. The climate Nazis are out of control.
linbb 1
Well its a known fact that all of these proposed solutions never gan traction because of many things. One item is cost to produce, finding enough of what material is needed to make it, figuring out how to supply it so its worthwhile to do. Am waiting to see how they will transport ever what is used cant see big ships transporting it like fossel fuel either.


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