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Russia challenges international regulations and safety to keep its carriers airborne

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Contrary to expectations, the Russian commercial aviation industry has so far managed to keep its business afloat despite western sanctions that prevented the country from accessing essential spare parts and maintenance services. ( More...

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patrick baker 13
not to get in a tizzy over this: if these leased (stolen) western airliners were flying anywhere else for any western airline, then these happenings would not be happening,for proscribed checks and maintenence would be occurring. Any passenger on these hundreds of purloined passenger planes is assuming the risk and exposure, as it may have to come down to an incident or mechanical happening to make the jeopardy clear to the world. Injuries or even deaths will result, and a legion of "i told you so's " will reverberate. Who could have guessed being a passenger on stolen leased western airliners could equate to soviet army draftees also being place3d in harm's way, with similar defective or missing equipment. ironic, yeah....
Spot on. I do however appreciate their total lack of "Nanny State" laws. Folks know the risks, they get on...well...there you have it.
Ron Nash 8
This "Russian" airliner problem, of what is essentially theft of billions of dollars of aircraft, and with Russia continuing to operate them with no factory support or factory parts, will reverberate right around the world, and the collateral damage will end up as many other countries problem.
Those countries who allow flights of Russian airliners into their airports are exposing themselves to major air disasters if a poorly-maintained Russian airliner falls out of the sky onto one of their cities.
There will be an upsurge in the trade of aircraft components and parts that no longer have any traceability. Safety margins will plummet and many Russian aircraft will be running with faults that would normally ground an aircraft elsewhere in the world.
And at the end of the day, these Russian aircraft will be worthless on the world market - except to those dodgy operators who will be keen to acquire a cheap Russian aircraft, that has a non-existent maintenance and repair history.
The rest of the world must be on high alert for these dodgy operators who are always keen to avoid or subvert safety systems that have been developed over multiple decades, and which systems ensure that we, as global-travelling citizens, can get on a commercial aircraft with a substantial degree of confidence that that aircraft will make it to its destination in one piece.
Not so, in Russia today, you really will be playing Russian Roulette if you climb aboard any Russian aircraft from now on.
Juan Jimenez 2
this will continue until the first crash. then it will stop.
N K 1
Get your geography right: banned from using the airspace of most countries except China, Turkey, former Soviet Union states, and some states in Africa and Asia.

Are they still flying above Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, etc?
WD Rseven 1
If any info for this article from from Russia, it is complete
Leander Williams 1
The law of averages will catch up to Russia. Flying planes without proper maintenance. Flying planes that could possibly not even be airworthy. I wouldn't be surprise if half the military planes aren't even properly maintained.
gerardo godoy 1
It is irresponsible for countries to permit the Actual Russian Airlines fly into their countries. No matter which one. Those planes will eventually fail. If they do over those "permitting" counries, the authorities of those countries should be held accountable.....Let's hope it does not happen but the chances are high..
Shenghao Han -7
I felt civilian aviation should have some exemption in sanctions.
If I had to send in my broken Apple MacBook's main board to get a replacement, I don't see why Airbus or Boeing can't force Russian airlines to do the same to get spare parts.
Touran Caucasian -9
Things related to health, safety etc. should be exempt of sanctions.
paul trubits 7
If the aircraft stay on the ground there are minimal health and safety issues
Health of whom? If we consider Russia the "enemy"...why on earth would we facilitate their health? We as a people are not the Red Cross.

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Zoya Gomstyn 1
Steven Williamson 0
"Russia builds the best fighter jets in the world the Americans and French don't even come close." LOL!!!!! Back in the cold war they held their own, but in the coming Hot War they won't!
Kevin Keswick -2
Civilian lives are being put at risk because of American sanctions which it's vassal European states are going along with.

Remember sanctions were not Russia's idea. Also remember that the Ukraine war was not Russia's idea either. The US provoked this war beginning in 2014 when it overthrew a democratically elected president who had good relations with Moscow and replaced him with a US puppet. Then for the next eight years the US and it's NATO ally's trained and armed actual NAZI militias to shell ethnic Russians in the Donbass region. Before Putin's invasion of Ukraine some 15,000 civilians were killed in the Donbass by Kiev militia's. Of course most Americans know nothing about this because the MSM doesn't tell them that side of the story!

If Russian passengers have to worry about faulty parts on their airliners European passengers need to be very concerned also because the United States and NATO flooded Ukraine with stinger missiles for which they have no control over and can easily get into the hands of terrorists who will then bring down an airliner with a US made stinger missile. I think this will happen before any Russian airliner falls out of the sky owing to faulty parts.
Alex K 1
As a Ukrainian... Troll off
RNE -3
What would a country do if Russia flew a commercial plane over it without overflight rights? Shoot it down killing everyone onboard? Of course not. Force it down? How? If it doesn't comply, you're back to shooting it down. It couldn't land without being seized, of course, but overflight? Meh, there's no acceptable way to stop the plane.
David Purtz 2
You should review the information and YouTube videos of how the US Navy diverted the 737 aircraft with the Achille Lauro (sp) hijackers on board.
christie faumuina 1
Very cool story! Just watched a few videos on YouTube about it. Thanks for the reference:)
Kevin Keswick -4
If a Russian airliner flew into American airspace I have no doubt that the Americans would shoot it out of the Sky. The United States is run by sick sociopaths!

Remember that the Americans shot down Iran Air flight 655 in 1988 killing 290 men women and children. Flight 655 was in *Iranian* airspace when shot down! Then US VP George HW Bush refused to apologize for the murder of almost 300 innocents angrily proclaiming "I will never apologize for America!".

The crew of USS Vincennes responsible for the shoot-down were all awarded Combat Action Ribbons. The air warfare coordinator on duty received the Navy Commendation Medal and one of the highest awards the Legion of Merit!

There is a good reason why America is despised by large parts of the worlds population. Fortunately a new multi-polar world order is now forming and in the future the United States will not be able to bully weaker countries without it's own citizens having to pay a big price!
Leigh Hearn 2
I have a feeling that KK is a Russian stooge. Anyone with me on this?


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