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Medical helicopter crashes responding to fatal accident in Butler County

Medical chopper crashes while landing at a vehicle accident site. Two pickup truck crash was so bad, they initially called for three medical choppers. Request later reduced to one chopper. ( More...

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EMK69 5
Never understood why small rural areas cannot train Fire/Police personnel on bringing in these medical Helos safely. I spent 7 years on a very Rural F/D and had numerous classes on how to properly marshal these folks in when we needed to call them.
Miro Lehky 2
A friends dad was killed piloting an EMS helicopter. There were issues in the night time LZ selected by local responders and also in the obstruction information provided to him. NTSB put full blame on him as the PIC. A law suit against the fir department was only partly successful as the court rules the the PIC is “predominantly” responsible for the safe landing.
Chris Phillips 2
The story says they posted a fireman to to do exactly that. Maybe the crew did not see that person.
srobak 1
Helo crews also need to be a lot more self-sufficient & survey landing spots better as well. If you want a good example - youtube search ADAC helicopter landing - and watch the hours of incredible airmanship and landing in places and confines you would never imagine possible, 98% of the time with no spotter. Those are some damn well trained and highly skilled pilots.
greg cotten 3
And here is the tag line under the damaged helicopter, which is a best 100% mis-leading

“The fatal crash in Butler County happened early Tuesday morning.”

The fatality was from the pickup truck accident you ignorant editor!
Carl Welton 2
As a Paramedic i will say this is tragic but may be indicative of a failure in the educational system to work with the ground crews and the flight crews to ensure a successful air evac and patient outcome.
bbabis 2
Love the no problem call, "First helicopter crashed, send another one." Helos are awesome at the job of medivac but I believe that they are way overused when good roads and nearby medical facilities are available.
Chris Phillips 5
In my area, first responders Re told to request the helicopter because “use it or lose it”
Jim Heinrich 4
Golden hour. Trapped patient on scene.
bbabis 3
The golden hour had passed by the time the helo arrived and many EMTs and other first responders were on the scene. As I said, helos are great when used right. It's just that poor weather, night time, unfamiliar landing zone, and medical care and transport already on scene made the helo call questionable at best.
John Rogers 1
Well, until we come up with a Star Trek transporter, helos are the quickest way to get severely injured patients to the appropriate medical facility.
Butch Hollingsworth 1
Robert Donnelly 1
I THOUGHT that I heard in the radio calls posted one of the onboard help crew indicate, "helicopter crashed... wires down"....
Feel free to correct as necessary


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