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Storm Eunice landing B777 passenger view

Great piloting skills from an SIA Pilot landing at LHR during storm Eunice - my footage filmed as a passenger sat close to the B777’s wing - good wing flexing in the strong winds. Thanks Toby T ( Más...

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Victor Engel 4
I'm impressed with how responsive the control surfaces are.
Toby Tucker 5
Yes the pilot, Captain Kenneth Khong, did a great job of keeping the B777 steady - there were some up & down bumps but nothing too big considering the wind & quite a few other aircraft having to go around or divert.
Victor Engel 5
I suspect the plane did most of what I was referring to on its own.
Alan Macdonald 3
I Understood that in those types of conditions that the autopilot is off and it's all hands on for all approach and landing phases. Somewhere in his commentary on Big Jets TV he even mentions it
Victor Engel 3
Right, but they don't control each surface separately, and I suspect their controls are only for gross changes, not the quick adjustments that happen in a fraction of a second. The plane handles that.
Victor Engel 2
David Waterman 1
Brilliant video and very well filmed with a steady hand. Great views of London and, most of all, it is thoroughly impressive to see how the controls are constantly adjusting to keep the plane under control whether this be by automation or the skill of Captain Khong.
Onward Lam 1
I spotted a Concorde.
Ronald Jacobs 1
Yes, it is G-BOAB. It has been at Heathrow since its retirement, at varying locations.
Djust a normal landing, the crew and plane did their job


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