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Nasa and SpaceX investigating the Dragon's Parachute

Issue has happened twice, but both time has been in the "normal parameters". Should be interesting. ( More...

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John David 5
It’s NASA, not Nasa!


This is what you get when there are no copy editors or other standards that used to be a part of journalism.
I see this very thing with acronyms like NASA at many websites and You Tube channels almost daily.
jmilleratp 2
These days, it seems that news sites are hiring more bloggers, some of whom might need Grammarly to get decent sentences put together.
Roy Hunte 2
Even worse when it's on a space website. They should know better.
Alan Macdonald 1
Did any of you actually read the article from before you lambasted them over this. By my count they used 'NASA' 15 times in their article, in that acronymic way using upper case correctly on every occasion.
The blame, it would seem, lays fairly in the lap of travisb922 who provided the article to this site so would be the one who incorrectly used Nasa" in the heading, then next line used 'both time" instead of 'both times". So it's just the blogger brought the errors, not the journalistic site which just produced a well constructed, well punctuated and basically flawless article (as they normally do).
John David 1
I wasn't naming nor did I mwention, I was mentioning that this site HERE who posts these links and has done this before!

Maybe YOU should think about who the comment is directed at BEFORE you come down of your high and mighty mount to accuse others.

Frankly, I don't give a dam who's fault it is, it's just another example of how bad things have gotten since the demise of REAL journalism!
John David 1
Obviously it should be "mention", not mwention.

Ya see how bad we need copy editors. ;-)

jmilleratp 1
I wouldn't be surprised if there were errors when it was first posted, someone saw those errors, and they were later corrected.


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