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After Qantas Airbus order Boeing must rethink the MAX

The Qantas decision to opt for Airbus A320 Family and the smaller A220 for its fleet replacement of the 162-seat 737 NG and smaller regional jets is a defining moment in aviation and should send Boeing back to the drawing board to build the 797. ( More...

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patrick baker 13
someday in some business school somewhere, boeing's inability to commit to building the 797 will be studied as part of the great loss of business this year and in the next few years to airbus. The Max will cost them billions in settlement charges, the lawsuits of the two crashes will cost them billions of dollars (even as boeing slithers about trying to evade fiscal responsibiity),the switching of KLM and QUANTAS and the follow-on orders, the unrevealed airlines just waiting to switch to airbus, the costs of 787 mismanagement and mis-construction, and the befuddling decision to pass on buying what became the AIrbus A200, which will eventually sell thousands of copies over the next twenty years or more. Airlines awaiting their deliveries of the dreamliner will exact a penalty charge too. Where is the comparable levels of good news from boeing to balance out all this bad, very bad news??? Ain't heard any lately.....
How many max orders are on the books again?
Andy Cruickshank 1
Interested to know too
4,700 give or take
btweston 2
But… But Southwest and Ryanair don’t want to retrain their pilots!

Yeah the whole thing is pretty dumb.
patrick baker 1
you got me confused here. What do you mean?
btweston 5
Sort of the reason Boeing has rested on it’s laurels and allowed their product line to languish. They have two big customers who only want to fly 737s because it’s cheaper for them to operate that way, so Boeing decided that they don’t have to innovate. And when they do (787) they do it wrong.

So I’m in full agreement with you. Boeing has screwed itself.
linbb 3
One big reason to do one type is for Maintenace on them having different makes is just like a fleet of cars being two different makers. Its easier for mechanics to work on the same brand due to them being made the same basic way. Oh and if you think I am full of BS this came from a former Alaska employee who was asked to map out for them the reasons and savings for doing so.
What's wrong with the 787?
Michael Hope 6
What is not wrong with the 787, years late, still have manufacturing issues, scraped first aircraft due to being far over weight and not built to later acceptable production standards.
I didn't ask what was wrong with the 787 a decade ago, I asked what was wrong with it now.

"Manufacturing issues" is your answer?
linbb 1
Not quite true several were donated but some were sold that way.
jeff slack -5
QANTAS dude!
Not Quantas..............ffs.
Queensland and Northern Terr
itory Air System................ oh, yeah, let's see airbus make all these jets. They have their own problems with the a350 ...... watch this space.
Ron Nash 6
The QANTAS name came from Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services.

Hopefully Boeing will go down in corporate training and history as how you can destroy the great accumulated value in a huge corporation, with a total lack of morals and ethics and leadership at the top, and a primary focus on fat company profits, whilst paying only lip service to safety.

There would have to be a dozen future books in the pipeline, as to what went wrong with the worlds greatest aircraft manufacturer - and a too cosy relationship with air safety regulators has to be a major reason behind the constant string of Boeing failures.

Those new 737MAX's sitting around waiting for buyers are going to be a burden on Boeing for years to come.
ian mcdonell 4
The terms pf purchase take into account backlog in the delivery schedule
Neither QANTAS or Airbus are as dumb as you seem to think
Possibly another major manufacturer can claim that title
Andy Cruickshank 5
I have heard (not substantiated) that Airbus has a backlog of 4000 for the A320 series. They made a great move buying the A220. It is a great success as well.
Ron Nash 5
The order backlog for the A320 series of aircraft currently stands at 6,156 planes.
The name "Boeing" currently has a rotten smell around it, which is driving clients away from the sales showroom.
Gary Magill 3
Jeff, I think you will find QANTAS…..Stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Air SERVICE.
Martin Dennett 3
And if you're going to correct someone, always best to check what you're typing. From Wikipedia (and also memory): Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services
ian stockdale 0
Stuart Barkley 1
Guys, All Jeff is trying to communicate is that QUANTAS is spelt with all caps and not just a capital Q. He knows perfectly well what it means.
Peter Smiley 1
Andy Cruickshank 1
I would be interested to know what the order backlog is by manufacturer and model. Anybody know where there is a consolidated count?
Colin Seftel 6
@Andy these are the deliveries and order backlogs up to November 2021 (source Wikipedia).
737 MAX
627 delivered, 4,703 orders
A320neo series
2,011 delivered, 7,776 orders
Andy Cruickshank 1
Thanks Colin
raymond watson -1
Love the Max had four flights on it so far. Great aircraft for passenger comfort.
Peter Smiley 2
Maybe Raymond. But quite a few hundred passengers would've preferred to take safety over comfort. RiP
raymond watson -1
True peter. But thought all safety problems ironed out now.


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